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A bachelor’s degree marks the gateway to entering professional life and unlike high school or A levels, bachelor’s degree consist of four years of rigorous study which is concluded with the submission of a Bachelor Thesis.

A thesis is defined as an elongated research paper where you are given a topic, or you have to select a topic from your area of education and jot down more than twenty to thirty pages of intense research. While previously, writing and submitting a thesis was usually compulsory at Masters and PhD level only, it has now been deemed obligatory at Bachelor’s level as well, given the rather complex requirements set forth by universities nowadays. As is evident, students do need Bachelor thesis help because it is not something which can be managed by themselves without any support.

A bachelor’s thesis in general boasts of a structure, compulsory to be followed and adhered to otherwise the thesis will be subject to rejection or revision.

Structure of a Bachelor Thesis

  • ▶ The Abstract: A summary written for brief overview.
  • ▶ Acknowledgements: Note of thanks issued to people or universities who offered assistance.
  • ▶ Table of Contents: A table comprising of all the proper listing of the chapters for quick navigation.
  • ▶ The Introduction: A background on the topic of research along with research aims and objectives.
  • ▶ Critical Literature Review: A highly critical analysis of the literature that is already present on the topic. This is to identify and detail the research gaps.
  • ▶ Methodologies: The main methods, used for performing the research. Usually of two basic types; qualitative and quantitative research.
  • ▶ The Data Analysis/Findings: The findings gathered from performing the research, which are then listed and analysed for results.
  • ▶ The Conclusion: Reinstating of the research aims and objectives, and which of them were achieved and whether or not the research bore any fruit.
  • ▶ The Recommendations: Future recommendations on what further research should be done in any leftover research gaps.

Spiraling In Confusion Over Your Bachelor Thesis?

Are you also stressed out because you are finding it unlikely that you will be able to submit your thesis within due date? We can completely understand your dilemmas. Not only you, but a large portion of students are amidst utter chaos in managing their thesis. This stems from a wide variety of issues, both internal and external.


Issues Students Face While Writing Their Thesis

  • ▶ Students have trouble getting started because of near to no guidance.
  • ▶ Most of the students cannot select the topic by themselves.
  • ▶ Some students grow nervous upon finding out the required word count.
  • ▶ A majority of the students do not possess writing skills especially if they are international students.
  • ▶ Many students are not able to comply with the university requirements.
  • ▶ More than often students are not able to carry out relevant research.
  • ▶ Without proper feedback, students do not understand what to include in their bachelor thesis.
  • ▶ Since it is a lengthy task, students are usually not able to complete the thesis within deadline.

The table illustrates upon the common issues faced by most of the undergrad students, which in the end culminate to put them under severe mental stress. If they do not submit their thesis, they cannot hope to achieve their Bachelor’s degree either.

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