10 key points to consider before hiring a writer for your dissertation!

10 key points to consider before hiring a writer for your dissertation!

HARVARD REFERENCING?! DATA COLLECTION…WHAT?! These are the types of questions that might be going through your mind during your dissertation days.
However, during these desperate days, you might end up hiring the wrong resource at the very wrong time and kill your chances of making it through your dissertation. In this day and age, where being socially connected is the name of the game and competition is an all-time high, you might be unable to make up your mind to whom to go.
Despite all the hassle and all the hastiness, you might want to take into account few things before choosing one writer to work for you. As failing to plan today, is planning to fail for tomorrow.
Here are top 10 key points which you should keep a look out for before selecting a certain writer and availing his services for the task that could either make or break you.

10. Knowledge about Journals

Imagine just being done with an exceptionally good dissertation and not knowing what to do with it or where to publish it. All the painstaking efforts that you had pooled in would be in vain; until and unless you would be able to put forth your work in the eyes of the world. One of the immediate thoughts to cross one’s mind is how to publish his/her work.
Hence, one of the major factors that you should consider when buying dissertation help is their knowledge and procedure of publishing work in credible journals such as:
Annual Review of Psychology
Journal of Advertising Research
Journal of Consumer Research
Research in Engineering Design
Important to note here is that each field has its own renowned journals and a paper talking about Bid Data Analysis wouldn’t be appropriate to be published in The Astronomical (science based) Journal.
Ask the writers that you’ve at your disposal about the types of journal that are available to publish your paper. If he doesn’t portray adequate amount of knowledge about them, it might be a good idea to have a second thought and consider someone else for the job.

9. Ability to Defend your View Point

Ability to Defend your View Point

Identifying the problem that is prevailing, working on it through your methodology and running the analysis is just are just the pieces of a much larger puzzle. One of the most important parts of it is the collection and analyzing of data for further interpretation.
The results that you acquire after all these painstaking and cautious efforts might be under fire as the domain in which your topic lies may one in which countless other researches have been done before. What could be more challenging is the fact that when the pre-existing theory is dominant in nature and has a mass acceptance rate.
In such circumstances, what you’re implying could not be difficult to defend but would be difficult to back as you may lack the practical examples in the real world due to its novelty.
Imagine being the economist who came up with the concepts of New Classical Economics. How difficult it would have been for him put up his argument against the pre-existing theories of Sir Adam Smith in his 1776 book: The Wealth of Nations. Being in place since well over a century thus; look closely in the marketing of dissertation help providers as you might be able to identify this flaw in them.

8. Sources of Information

Another key factor is the ability of the dissertation help provider that you’ve hired is the fact that he should be able to locate and collect the accurate source of data collection. The literate review and the data collection are two of the most vital parts of your dissertation that you need to deal with care.
Identifying credible and relevant papers according to the needs of your study is important as the past researches form the basis of your research. If the literature review is driven from papers that are authentic in nature, they could lead to better understanding of the topic and aid in the selection of our independent variables; effecting directly the outcome of our research.
A weak and irrelevant literature review can lead to a misleading understanding of what variables are to be considered and thus, jeopardize the entire direction of our research.
Qualitative vs Quantitative, Primary vs Secondary and method of conducting them are also of the utmost importance. Ask your dissertation service provider that can he elaborate the difference between them all? Ask them what type of research should they be conducting if they are going with a qualitative one? Would group interviews be a viable option for it?
Some of the key sources of data are:

  • Questionnaires
  • Group interviews
  • Surveys
  • Observation
  • In-depth interview
  • Records

This would give an understanding of their competence and would save your money and dissertation. You don’t want to end up doing primary instead of secondary research on financial topic, do you now?

7. Expert in the Field

As with the types of journals, the scenario of experts of different fields is not much different. You might want to make sure that the dissertation helper that you’ve hired isn’t one that has little or no experience about the topic of your field. The different acronyms and the technical concepts of a subliminal marketing would be way different than that of any paper on portfolio investment in London Stock Exchange. To know more about how dissertation writing enhances analytical abilities, check out this article.
You might want to see some of the clients or the past publications from the same service provider to get a better understanding of where their expertise lies. You could ask them if they have ever done any research on any topic which closed related to yours and if they have people who know all the ins and outs of your field.
6. Co-ordination and Communication
It’s always good to have someone who has your back and likes to assist you in your work. However, what’s more important is the fact that the service provider is there when you need him the most.
Make sure that the dissertation helper that you have opted for will be there 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week. As any new findings would need attention and lack of close co-ordination could lead to misleading and contradictory results.
Even if you cannot afford a dissertation service provider who will always be there for you, it is recommended that you simply buy dissertation in affordable packages which goes in line with your requirements. You can coordinate with the concerned writer as this is important so that the writer is aware of your preferences.

5. Associated Costs

Whether it is a multinational conglomerate or a woman managing her household, everyone has their own budget to manage and allocate amount on resources accordingly. In the case of hiring a dissertation service provider, the case isn’t much different. While you might face financial constraints, there is no shame in admitting that you can’t afford certain services of your dissertation expert.
What would be a shame would be the fact that you failed to recognize your financial constraints and fail to discuss what you can and cannot afford with from him. The right way to tackle such an issue is to note down the things that you can do, where you think you lack the expertise and which things are totally new to you. In accordance to it, you may then hire the respective services that are essential for your dissertation’s success and do those tasks which you can do on your own.

4. Criterion and Standards

A dissertation is has to be written under certain standards and criteria. If these criteria(s) aren’t met the paper that you have worked so hard on would not even be taken under consideration by the inspecting panel. It could even lead to your paper being sidelines when send for publication in any journal.   

A bit of cross questioning with the different parties offering dissertation services would help you assess if they know the standards set by international institutes such as the American Psychological Association (APA). In-text citation and end text references are just as crucial as any part of the paper and if they are not in order the scrutiny done before approving the publication could be hindered.  

It is these factors that distinguish an excellent paper from a mediocre one and important to note here is that each journal has its own standards of assigned for a paper to be published there. Hence, another key aspect in the selection process of any dissertation writer is the amount of knowledge he holds in this matter. 

3. Value Proposition & Quality

Doing a bit of a research before you actually assign someone to do yours isn’t that bad of any idea. Create a pool of all the dissertation writers from whom you can avail the services from, visit their website, search papers with their name on google scholar, search for their citations & indexing, skim through those papers and try to identify any errors which may come across.  

For example, if you need marketing dissertation help, in order to write about the latest and effective marketing strategies, you would want experienced marketers to provide you with quality data. The internet boasts of a variety of research articles, which is enhancing global learning; as discussed in this article. 

This is essential as a paper, though smaller in size, could be better written than a paper done after through research and with a greater word count. At the end of the day, it is all about the quality of your findings and not the quantity. The concept of garbage in, garbage out applies here as much as it does in the field of computer sciences. And the effects of it would be reflected in the overall quality of your paper.  

2. Search for Cites

You might not believe in the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but should definitely judge a dissertation writer from their past publications. The performance in the past can help you judge the performance that you’re expected to catered from them in the future, if you choose to avail their services.  

Their clients of the past and the word of mouth that is spread about them could also be an eye opener for you; as it could help you draw a judgement about them and know about the grievances and concerns that they have faced while availing their services. Look for papers that have been published through them, ask their writer about their services, know where lies their expertise and their flaws and then decide upon going for them or not.  

Credentials and Experience 

Nothing beats experience! Whether, it is a worker operating at an oil rig or a member of the board of directors. Experience is something that brings an intrinsic ability within a in individual to predict and make appropriate changes to the task assigned.  

When it comes to writing a dissertation, the case is no different. If anything, experience is something which will help a writer understands the variation in result and its root cause; something which a top researcher might fail to do.  

When evaluating your option for hiring a resource. It would be a good idea to check their background. Their track record in the field will give you useful insight of what they have been doing and different fields may have different experts when it comes to writing a dissertation. Hence, a thorough evaluation of the past experience would be a good option to go for before your final decision. 

So, do you think you now know about all the factors that make up a good dissertation writer? Keeping these 10 essential traits of an excellent dissertation writer will not only prove to be a good yard stick for you to assess different options available to you, for getting assistance in your dissertation.  

Remember to draw up a pool of potential writer and assess them on every basis. A small talk now would cost a bit of a time and efforts but would definitely help you in your future endeavors; if you managed to partner with an appropriate one.  

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