10 Tips for writing a 100 page doctoral dissertation within 8 Months

If you thought SAT prep was stressful, I’m afraid you’re in for a really unpleasant surprise. After years and years of research, it’s finally time to put your PhD thesis on paper. I know, just the thought of it is enough to give you chills. But don’t worry, there’s a way to do this in an almost stress-free, organized manner. Because unfortunately, you can’t just buy dissertation online!

Don’t Let the Pressure Get to You

When writing what’s possibly the greatest final project of your academic career, do not underestimate the importance of stress management. The stress could cause you to crumble under the pressure, which will directly affect your research process and thus, your final dissertation. To avoid that disastrous domino effect, make sure to take special care that you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Take breaks if you need to
  • Let yourself breathe every once in a while

Don’t work continuously

Time is Money!

There was a point I got to during my own dissertation process where I wanted someone to Write my dissertation for me. I know you wanna be lazy, and you can! For about fifteen minutes a day. Try to time yourself on everything you do. This will help you manage your time better and get the maximum amount of productivity out of it.

Remember, You’re Human

The process is long and most certainly exhausting. Expect a burnout, but don’t let it bring you down. There will be times when you will want to give up. There will be flaws in your research and the further you go, the more unanswered questions will present themselves to you.

  • Let yourself break down every once in a while, just remember to always get back up
  • Fix things as you go, and don’t get frustrated if you keep discovering flaws in your work

Don’t Start Yet! Did You Finish Your Research?

You can’t start without having all the research material you can possibly gather! It’s like trying to eat a cake before you’ve baked it; it’ll most likely make you sick. Get all the information together, pile it up and wait until you at least have enough material to write for a PhD – even if not the best PhD dissertation in the world, it’ll have a foundation which you can keep adding to.

  • Complete your basic research
  • Build the details on top of that foundation

Turn Off That TV

Distractions are not allowed! Intensive research requires a great amount of focus, which you will not have if you keep letting yourself get distracted due to surrounding yourself with tempting things to do during your stress breaks. Try to keep away from things that might consume too much of your time and you’ll be good.

  • Turn off all your gadgets for a while, get off of social media
  • Keep your focus and take short breaks

Reward Yourself Occasionally

A truly effective tactic for if the work drains you and you need motivation to keep going. Give yourself a reward for every milestone you hit, and who knows what you like better than you? Make sure to reward yourself with things that you know you’ll want to work hard for. You could also ask a friend to help you with this if they’re willing, keep updating them as you make progress and they can reward you for it.

  • Treat yourself
  • Don’t let yourself get demotivated

Set a Routine for Yourself – Middle School Style

Do you remember how specific your routine was when you were younger? It was partly to prepare you for this. You need to plan everything out, including nap times. Set a proper time table that you can follow. It will help you utilize your time in a more effective way, thus being more efficient.

  • Allot time to every task you have to perform during the day
  • Follow the routine you’ve set

Quality Content Only!

If you slack off somewhere, it’s definitely going to show. Eliminate all substandard research and writing from your work. Anything which you aren’t a hundred percent confident with needs to go because it could potentially ruin the work you’ve literally spent years trying to perfect.

Give Yourself Daily Targets to Reach

This is kind of like a subset of setting a routine. It’s a way for you to motivate yourself and feel accomplished after having performed each task. For example, give yourself a specific word count you have to follow each day. It could be anything; whatever you feel like you can manage, even if it’s just 200 words per day. This is a pretty effective way to ensure periodic progress and an occasional sense of accomplishment, even when you start to feel a bit down due to the constant workload.

  • Set targets
  • Push yourself to achieve them no matter what

Concluding With the Intro!

As weird as this sounds, it is recommended to put the intro and the conclusion together at the end of your dissertation because it sort of brings together all of your work and sums it up in a neat, comprehendible manner. It makes it much easier to understand at a glance, without having to read every single word.


Daniel Acker is a 22 year old Honors student from Oxford. He worked for Forbes and gained a lot of attention on the articles he wrote there, mainly on topics like world politics and mental health. He is also a student advisor and provides students with the dissertation help they need for their final project.

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