40 Good Topics for Your Fashion Dissertation

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Dynamics of a fashion dissertation Fashion Dissertation!

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is also known as a thesis or the final assignment. In this, the students perform a research-based project. The dissertation is a test of everything that students learn throughout their college life. All graduate and post-graduate students have to make their dissertation and present it to their teacher.

Even though many students prefer availing themselves of dissertation writing services, or they lookout to buy dissertation online but they just miss out on the best part about the dissertation; the fun, enjoyment, and the struggle. But looking for professional help is a good decision too, as someone once said;

“I will ask everyone to write my dissertation. The one who agrees loves me the most!”

What is a fashion dissertation?

Students who choose fashion designing as their field are supposed to make a dissertation at the end of their semesters. In a fashion dissertation, the students pick specific topics and then do their research on the topic, accordingly. A fashion dissertation is similar to other kinds of dissertations like marketing, finance, etc. The dissertation has one hard the fast rule;

“The higher the struggle, the more the result”

Repeat after me, I deserve an A grade in that dissertation. Opting for fashion designing is one heck of a good decision until the final year. The final year is where most of the students lose it, the reason being, solely the dissertation. Indeed, it will make you lose it, but what is a dissertation if it doesn’t do that to you? Nothing, right!? Be it a fashion dissertation, business, or finance you have to go through the torture. But make the most of it, because you can!

If currently, you are stuck with your fashion dissertation; you can’t decide the topic let alone start the work, then this blog is for you and you, fully. Here you can find a few topics for your fashion dissertation and start working on them.

40 good topics for your fashion dissertation:

The cultural and influential fashion dissertation topics:

  1. Influence of fashion and style on daily life.
  2. The beautiful trend of ethnic clothing and its evolution.
  3. Fashion choices and self-confidence; a positive relation
  4. How the corona pandemic affected the fashion industry.
  5. How fashion negatively impacts human life.
  6. Education arena and academic dressing
  7. The cultural and traditional demands of brides to be
  8. Comparative analysis of “Two native cities”
  9. How the creative sector of the fashion industry evolved over years.
  10. The influence of western culture on eastern culture.

Historical fashion dissertation topics:

  1. The history of fur in the fashion industry.
  2. Did online marketing have an effect on the fashion industry?
  3. Importance of change in the aesthetic sense with the era.
  4. The most ravishing and delightful innovation in fashion history.
  5. The cultural and social history of fashion and its impact on modernity in this century.
  6. Which age segment is left behind when a fashion trend is introduced.
  7. The mindset of youngsters and the continuous change in their fashion trends.
  8. Fashion cycle of the 1970s and its impact on today’s fashion trends.
  9. The importance and history of ball gowns
  10. Value of vintage look in the modern era.

Iconographic fashion dissertation topics:

  1. Does the youth follow fashion trends of the celebrities of their own age group
  2. Influence of celebrities on the fashion sense of people
  3. Lady Gaga and her meat dress in MTV music video awards in 2010.
  4. Billie Eilish; a teenager with the highest fan following and a fashion icon
  5. Top celebrities who are the ultimate fashion icons.

Children Fashion dissertation topics:

  1. The development in school uniforms all over the world.
  2. Do young girls, of the 21st century, prefer floral patterns?
  3. Do fashion brands consider children with down syndrome while launching new dresses and trends?
  4. The evolution of swimwear among children over the years.
  5. Does technology has an impact on the fashion taste of children?

Fashion photography dissertation topics:

  1. The positive impact of photography on the fashion taste of people.
  2. Does photography play a role in making the style a trend?
  3. How fashion photography has changed people’s views (On ethnicity, skin color, etc.)
  4. What are the factors that gave a boost to fashion photography?
  5. The role of the paparazzi in making the dressing style of a celebrity a fashion trend.

Basic and random topics for dissertation:

  1. Celebrity endorsement in fashion brand advertisement and its impact.
  2. The decline of formal wear in offices and workplaces.
  3. Do women play a role in today’s fashion sense and styling?
  4. Social media marketing plays an important role in making a fashion brand successful
  5. Do celebrities promote minimal clothing or do they just promote branded clothes?

Tips on how to write a great dissertation:

  • Choose your topic wisely: A student must make sure he chooses the topic of his interest. Choosing a topic in a hurry would have many bad consequences. As one might end up choosing something boring or something that he doesn’t find interesting. Selecting the topic for your research is the first step and the first step should always be taken carefully, under strict supervision.
  • Read the outline carefully: After selecting the topic one must read the whole outline very carefully, know what is required, and must jot down the important points. Many students don’t go through the outline carefully and therefore, they end up on another totally different track. The second most important step is to know the requirement of the teacher, pretty well.
  • Make a rough draft: The third most important step is to make a rough draft or a framework. Constructing a draft helps the student in keeping a track of his work. A framework provides a proper guideline and so the student can work smoothly.
  • Dissertation title: Choosing a good and engaging title for the dissertation is one Important step. If the title is dry and boring, it will never catch the eye of the reader. If one wants to build an interest in the mind of others, then the title should be attractive and unique.
  • The central idea of the dissertation: It is mandatory to talk about the basics and the reason why the research is conducted. If the student has a clear idea then only he can perform well. There are certain rules to follow in this step
    • Problem statement: Tell the audience about the problem that you analyzed and why is that an issue in the prevailing world.
    • Argument: Present an argument to the reader. The argument is always based upon actual facts and figures that are obtained by conducting the research.
    • Counter argument: After presenting the argument, give reasoning why it shouldn’t be the way it is, what is the impact, how it can be resolved, and what are the reasons this exists. All of this part will be fully in the favor of the researcher.
    • Analysis: The critical analysis of the research depends on the writer. The analysis is presented after reading and analyzing the facts and figures obtained with the help of the research. Teachers usually grade the dissertation on the basis of how well the analysis is presented. If a student plans on scoring a good grade, then he must be very careful while jotting down his points and presenting his analysis. A good critical analysis will make your dissertation stand out because analysis basically represents the understanding of the study by the students.
  • Abstract: Writing down the abstract is a pretty easy part. The abstract is basically a summary of the whole dissertation. It includes the purpose of the study, methodology, findings, and a short definition of the key terms.
  • Literature review: Here the secondary data is analyzed and the purpose of the research is explained. This is the most lengthy and draining part.
  • Conclusion: After presenting the analysis, the writer briefly concludes his dissertation. In the conclusion, he presents solutions and explains how things can be made better.
  • Referencing: Referencing is done to acknowledge the efforts of others. When a student uses the work of others in his dissertation, it is mandatory to write down the references at the end of the dissertation. This way, he acknowledges the efforts of others and also avoids plagiarism and Copywrite issues.

Writing down a dissertation is not as difficult as it may seem. Even though sometimes it gets tiring and drains a student to an extent that he prefers getting dissertation help, but most of the time, students enjoy making their dissertation.

For fashion students, the dissertation is always fun, for they get to step into the shoes of their ideals just so that their work turns out to be perfect.

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