5 Easy Steps for SPSS Analysis – Experts Opinion

5 Easy Steps for SPSS Analysis – Experts Opinion

Hey! I am back again! How are you all? Good? Well today I am writing to answer a request which I got from someone on my previous blog as per write my dissertation so I thought to answer that request in a more profound manner that is by answering the question that was both the person and it was the SPSS.

Is SPSS is the nightmare of every student!

Well I need some serious replies for this question but according to my point of view it is not! You just need to understand the basics of SPSS and then you can rule over it. This SPSS guide is what makes you outstanding in putting data into the software. But is it enough to know how to put the data at software and having no clue how to interpret them? Definitely not! Here are some basics of SPSS analysis that you need to consider while translating the numeric data.

1.Be accurate:

While putting the data on the SPSS be entirely sure that you have put right data in right column and right row! Because one major mistake can ruin your data like anything. I faced this issue while I was doing my master dissertation. I just missed one whole row and the results came out were entirely different from my hypothesis. So you need to understand that the key to your dissertation success lies in accuracy of your data. Triple check every data before staring your test or analysis.

2.Know the values:

The second thing which ought to be important is knowing the values of data. As in is it nominal, scale or ordinal. You should know the difference between the basics and ought to have knowledge about using it. DO NOT PUT DATA DIRECTLY INTO DATA VIEW! Do not do this mistake ever! You need to first understand the basics of spss before running the test. There are number of basic as in;

Command Description
Variable view Set this portion first as it really helps in formation of proper data file. The variable view has commands as in Name, Type, Values, Missing, and Measure. These are the core elements of variable view which need to be addressed. When one is done addressing the data in proper format, he can proceed with the test and interpretation.
Data view Data view will give exact screenshot of your data as how the values are assigned and what are the variables. When one have proper and accurate data available, he can run the test on the data.
Name One can name the variable according to the demand of data as in names can be name, male/female can be gender and so on
Type Command the software about type of data either it is string or numeric The string data consists of words while numeric consists of numbers.
Label You can put significant label to your variable as in for gender you can put a label the respondents gender
Values Values can be translated as in Names variable will have no values While gender may have 1 for male and 2 for female It actuals defines the big data in numeric way
Measures Either the data will be nominal, Scale or ordinal depending on your variable. Nominal data deals with big labels like names Ordinal data deals with order of the values as in very good to very badScale deals with is numeric in nature where exact difference between the values is known.

Thus these were some basics that I shared with your understanding as just a beginner level. If you need further guidance you can check this video for visual details. But be sure to understand these basic before starting the SPSS.


Done with variable file great now save it ASAP! And create another file with same data and now run the test on that. Your main file is precious for you. I faced this incident when I had to run my SPSS. What I did was, I dint create duplicate file and run test on the file. My answers were coming perfectly in start but slowly I found missing values and errors in data. I ignored it thought it might be some computer error. But the nightmare came true when I had to interpret the results and to my surprise all the results were ambiguous and unclear. I was so shocked when I found out the errors and ran to my professor he guided me about the duplicate file of SPSS for test run and then when I am sure then I can run the test on actual file. So that’s a direct tip from my professor!

4.Be expert in types of test required:

Know what type of test you need to run on your data. There are number of test showed in the SPSS, but you need to first decide which test you wanted for your data. Type of test depends on nature of variable so here are some guides related to the test that one can choose for SPSS.

As said by dissertation writing service:

“The right type of test is backbone of your dissertation”

It means that the strong the test applied the clear will be the results.

5.Understand the interpretation

Are you ready for real puzzle? Yes this is interpretation of data. To interpret the data is not an easy task you have to be very, very clear about concepts. And for this reason YOU NEED TO ATTEND YOUR STATS LECTURED AND TAKE NOTES! I am NOT KIDDING JUST BTW!

It has many advantages but one main advantage is that your professors get to see your face in class and when you ask any difficult term during your test chances are he may help you. Like mine did!

Finally it was fun to be online dissertation help for someone.anyways if you need more tips feel free to ask!

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