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Why Write When You Have A Professional Academic Transcription Service Available At Your Doorstep?

If you are an academic student, you might suffer from the following problems:

  • You might miss important points while noting down everything from your lecture.
  • You might have a hard time listening and writing at the same time during your classes.
  • You may miss a group discussion that might come in your exam questions.
  • You may have a large pile of interviews to be converted to statistical data for assignments.

Getting an academic transcription writing service can put a full stop to all your miseries. All you have to do is send your audio or video to the respective transcription service and get all the transcribed data in your hands.


    What Does A Transcription Service Do?

    A transcription service can convert audio and video files into readable texts. There are lots of fake services that use softwares for transcriptions that:

    • Cannot detect discrepancies in the speech leading to irrelevant text inclusions like stutters and false start.
    • Cannot do verbatim (word to word) transcriptions.
    • Can lead to spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and improper structure in the text.

    A legitimate academic transcription service has experienced writers who make sure to transcribe every file with near to 100% accuracy. Plus they have the expertise required to understand different dialects and styles necessary to provide text formation appropriately.

    How an academic transcription can ease your educational life?

    the learning pyramid


    According to the Learning Pyramid, you only retain 5% of what is being said in class. This is because listening is a complicated process that requires continuous coordination between your ears and brain. You might have hard time paying attention to the lecture because:

    • You might get lost in argument and miss the crux of the lecture.
    • You might find it difficult to listen and write at the same time.
    • You might find it hard to comprehend acronyms used during the class.

    For the other 95% of the retention, you must read and reread the lecture again. That is where an academic transcription can help you out. Let go of the hassles of writing and just record the entire lecture which you can get transcribed easily by a professional service.

    Our Academic transcription service not only converts the lectures into text files but can help you in the following domains:

    • Making notes that can be read and reviewed later.
    • Help in converting group discussions and presentations into written documents.
    • Converting all the audio interviews into tangible data.
    • Help you with dissertations and qualitative researches.
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    Why Choose Us for The Best Academic Transcription Writing Service?

    The Dissertation Help is an ultimate transcription service. We are not only title holders for best academic transcription service but we have managed to achieve success in the academic writing industry due to our quality services. Our other services include:

    • Legal transcriptions
    • Focus group transcriptions
    • Medical transcriptions
    • Podcasts transcriptions

    No matter whichever type of transcription you choose, you will have the following benefits:

    • 100% Human Transcription: Scared of scam robotic transcriptions? With us, you can choose your favorite native writer for any service you choose.
    • Subject Matter Experts: we have subject specialists for all of our transcription services.
    • 24/ 7 Consultancy: We have experts available for consultancy 24/7 for your ease.
    • Ultimate Data Security: Your security is our number one priority. All your personal data is secured using the best encryption methods.
    • 99% Accuracy: We make sure to check quality of each and every audio so that the transcribed data is 99% accurate. Furthermore all your data is checked by our Quality Assurance Department to make it free of any error.
    • Affordable Rates: With us you will have the ultimate transcription experience at the most affordable prices.
    • Money Back Guarantee: We make sure to deliver every order with 100% quality. But if the delivered order does not meet the mentioned requirements, you can get a complete refund within 14 days of delivery.
    • Editing and Proofreading: editing and proofreading is one of our well known services. We have qualified PhD experts for this purpose.
    • 100+ Dialects Accepted: Whether you are from north or living in the south of England, we have experts who can transcribe all the data irrespective of which dialect it is in.

    Want To Place An Order? Just Follow These Steps

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    Being the most frequently used website for academic transcription service, we have made our order process user friendly:

    Place Your Order: You can place your order by contacting our customer executive or filling our online form after which you will be directed to the payment method.

    Upload Your File: Upload your file in video or audio format.

    Your File Is Transcribed: Your file is transcribed by our experts. It is then sent to the Quality Control Department to make sure that it near to 100% accurate.

    Your Order Is Sent To You: your order being 100% ready is dispatched to your respective email address.




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