Buying Behavior After COVID-19

Buying Behavior After COVID-19: E-Commerce Boom

The world is in a sublime chaos. Everything has been turned upside down. Some businesses have shut down while others are flourishing.

Since we are being constantly asked to stay away from humans, our lifestyles are changed completely. We can’t go to malls or markets to buy anything. Impact of global ecommerce industry is now stronger than ever before. People are moving towards it because of the restrictions and protocols.

So let’s discuss how and why Ecommerce business on corona virus is now blooming and constantly flourishing as we speak.

Groceries to Gadgets, Everything is Available Online

Before we go on a global scale, let’s start with ourselves first.

Before this sublime chaos that we are living in right now, online shopping was considered a luxury, we’d order things online that we couldn’t find in the stores near us. We would order things from oversees and wait for ages for our parcels to arrive.

But after this novel outbreak, our lifestyle switched to survival mode and everything we bought just because we liked it is considered unnecessary. Due to the ways the virus spreads, businesses have been shut down and employees have been fired. Online shopping features or e-commerce stores that were just an option for a lot business is now a crucial plug for them to keep their businesses alive.

Before the corona virus, the online shopping culture was seen as a luxury lifestyle, now it’s a necessary.

Why Businesses are Adapting Towards the E-Commerce?

Apparently, at this point, every single business is turning towards the e-Commerce. We can take some simple businesses like a stationery store or a book store and see how they are adapting towards the new business model of online shopping.

During the corona virus outbreak, people preferred to get everything online from their groceries to masks and sanitizers. The local businesses are benefitting more with their quick delivery services. Some have made their services available through their business websites and some have are providing their services or selling their products through social media platforms. Phone calls, and other similar ways.

How Much Ecommerce Websites Earn On This COVID-19 Outbreak?

The existing online e-commerce moguls like Amazon have also been highly effected by the Corona Virus outbreak.  On the other hand, stores like Walmart have seen a huge rise in their online sales as well.

Although there are no exact statistics on how much ecommerce websites earn on this covid-19 outbreak present but multiple surveys and insights by CNBC and other sources have stated the following facts:

Amazon has hired more than 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers since the lockdown due to rise in demands of their services. Yet they plan to hire more 75,000 workers in the new future. This has become a huge pro for all the people hired by non-essential or small businesses to keep themselves afloat during these challenging times.

Walmart’s online sales rose up to 74% in the United States after the first lockdown. Although, even after that much of increase their online sales, Walmart is still second to Amazon. Amazon has been dominating the online and retail market even before the global pandemic.

Online Shopping is the Only Shopping Right Now

Online shopping or e-commerce as we say, was majorly through websites but not limited to it. People would browse their favorite online stores from their computers and laptops until the rise of mobile application. Although the major e-Commerce stores like Amazon, eBay and others have their applications from a while. This pandemic has made a lot of smaller and local business to turn towards mobile applications as well.

The revenue generated from these mobile application is certainly higher as compared to the businesses that don’t have an e-commerce application for their business.

Wrapping it Up!      

The world has been turned upside down but shopping must go on. After all we can’t live without groceries and other necessities. This pandemic has taught people the right way to use and utilize online shopping. Since the lockdown doesn’t allow any of us to go out and get whatever we want but with the help of services, we can order food, get whatever we want just by a few clicks!

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