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Change Management Dissertation Topics


Are even the words ‘change’, ‘modification’, and ‘management’ make you excited? Then you are a perfect fit for the change management program. Have you started working on your change management dissertation? If you have been procrastinating then the looming deadline must be scaring you now. But don’t worry, we all indulge in our good share of procrastination.

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What are the 7 R’s of Change Management?

Let’s go through the basic steps of change management. This will clear your mind and narrow down your thoughts. That will ultimately lead to easily selecting your change management dissertation topic.

Then come on and get on board. This journey will be an eye-opener for you.

The 7 R’s of change management are:

REASON Behind the Change: Why the upper management feels the need of requesting a change.

RISKS Involved in the Requested Change: Researching what risks will an organization have to endure if they go through the suggested change.

RESOURCES Required to Deliver the Change: Determining all the essential resources needed to bring the suggested change.

Who RAISED The Change Request: Evaluating the person who suggested the certain change. So when faced with any hurdle, they can easily clear them.

RETURN required from the Change: Making sure that the suggested change gives the required and desired outcome.

Who Is RESPONSIBLE For Creating, Testing, And Implementing the Change: Appointing a highly capable person in charge of creating, testing, and implementing the suggested change.

RELATIONSHIP Between Suggested Change and Other Changes: Find out the relation of the suggested change with the other on-process changes. Make sure that they are not dependent on each other. Because this will negatively affect the performance of other ongoing changes.

Do you feel the cogs of your brain turning? Then let’s proceed further and select a perfect topic for your change management dissertation.

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What Are Some Good Change Management Dissertation Topics?


The methods and procedures in which an organisation explains and implements change both externally and internally are known as change management. The change management of a company plays an extremely crucial role in the achievement of its desired outcome. It is important for employees to understand the procedure of change management and make terms with whatever the result of the change pours.

It is an intentional and structured approach which aims to support people throughout the change. It helps in promoting successful adoption and usage of change in the business. Moreover, a change management enables employees to understand and commit to the shift and perform efficiently. Transitions of an organisation can be rocky and expensive in terms of both time and resources if an effective organisational change management is not implied. With the implementation of effective change management a company and its employees can experience drastic changes in their workforces.

Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: An exploratory investigation regarding the aspects that encourage and enables a manager to enforce changes in the business.

Aims and Objectives The study aims to have an in-depth analysis regarding the importance of change in an organisation and discuss motivating factors that are implemented by managers in order to accommodate change within the organisation. Moreover, the study aims to discuss the framework used by executives in an organisation to discuss change. In order to achieve this aim, the following are the objectives

Topic 2: An exploratory assessment of the knowledge forms for change management. What drives a change in big corporate firms?

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this study is to execute a detailed investigation on the knowledge forms of change management and discuss procedures and barriers that drive change in a management. Following are the objectives required to fulfil this aim.

Topic 3: A study for understanding the academic perspective of change management in multinational organizations.

Aims and Objectives The researched aim of the study is to have an in-depth evaluation regarding the academic perspective of change management and in what way does it affect the multinational organisations. To achieve this aim, following are the objectives that are need to be executed:

Topic 4: A critical analysis of the effect of change management in the public sectors UK amidst corona virus pandemic

Aims and Objectives The aim of the study is to deeply investigate that in what way the deadly corona virus has affected the change management of public sectors in the UK. The study aims to have an in-depth analysis on the change management in firms during the pandemic.

Topic 5: A systematic review of change management best practices in the IT sector. A case study of Facebook

Aims and Objectives of the study

The researched aim of the study is to gain knowledge regarding the change management practices in the domain of IT sector. The study looks forward to highlight the best practices that have been contributed towards this sector. To get a better insight regarding the topic, the study will discuss the case of Facebook.

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Topic 6: Exploring Change Management Barriers and Challenges for UK’s Start-Ups. A critical analysis for exploring the challenges and barriers of change management for start- ups in UK

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of this research is to critically analyse and explore the barriers and challenges of change management for UK start- ups

Topic 7: Evaluation of Developing Economies Conceptualising Tourism and Travel through Change Management

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of this research is to identify how the developing and progressing economies are conceptualising their tourism and travel through change management.

Topic 8: A critical assessment of the tools and techniques essential to examine and manage modification for large corporate firms.

Aims and Objectives of Study

The aim of the study is to provide a critical analysis and knowledge regarding significant tools and techniques that are being implemented by the big corporate firms in order to manage change. The following are the objectives to achieve the aim of the study

Topic 9: A correlative study for discovering the association between changes made in a business and its retention rate among employees.

Aims and Objectives of Study The researched aim of the study is to figure out the connection between the change management in an organisation and how that change effects the retention rate of an employee. To achieve the aim of the study, following are the objectives.

Topic 10: An in detailed research on human factors that struggle the change. What are the resolutions to overcome these for adoption of change and organisation fear?

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of the research is to have an in-depth analysis regarding the factors that enable individuals to struggle due to the occurrence of change and explore recommendations and suggestions that should be implemented in order to eliminate organisational fear.

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