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We have added to our list, Dissertation Proposal Writing Service as well to cater to the predicaments of the students who are about to commit themselves to dissertation writing endeavor. The endeavor is not an easy one and calls for rigorous dedication and hard work and hence puts the student under a number of trials.

What is the Purpose of Writing a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal serves as the precedent to writing the final dissertation itself and the whole purpose of it is to acquire the approval to move forward with the selected topic of research. Without the go-ahead from the supervisory committee or the concerned authority, no student can proceed with writing their dissertation. The supervisors are much more experienced and hence aware of the dissertation writing process so it is strongly emphasizes that the student gains their consent before they lay the foundation stone for their research process.

A dissertation proposal answers the following questions:

  • ▶ What will be the research be conducted on (topic/problem)?
  • ▶ Why is the research necessary to be conducted?
  • ▶ How will the research be conducted (methodologies)?

Whether it is a PhD dissertation proposal or a Master Dissertation Proposal, its construction and submittal in front of the supervisory committee is essential as it is the first step to starting with a dissertation. The contents of a dissertation basically justify why a student has selected a particular problem or topic to perform research on and how it will in turn benefit the academic community. Moreover, if the student requires funding or sponsorship to carry out their research, a dissertation proposal becomes all the more important.

A dissertation proposal answers the ‘what, why and how’ of the research process via its extensive format. The format consists of the following sections:

  • ▶ Dissertation Proposal Title; A compelling title which should be able to immediately enthrall the readers and gives insight into the dissertation proposal
  • ▶ Introduction; A brief overview of all the components later on presented in a dissertation proposal including the background for the research topic or problem, the literature review, the expected outcomes and the research itself
  • ▶ Clearly Defined Objectives; a list of all the objectives defined in an explicit manner
  • ▶ Writings/Literature Review; a quick review of the existing research including all the necessary acknowledgments and citations of sources in the university’s recommended citation style
  • ▶ Research; the actual research conducted up till now
  • ▶ Methodology; the list of all methods which will be utilized in conducting the research whether qualitative or quantitative
  • ▶ Expected Outcomes; list of most probable results and outcomes the students hopes to achieve with the research
  • ▶ Time Span/Time Frame; an estimated time period which the student will be needing to carry out the research and accordingly frame the dissertation ready for submittal
  • ▶ List of References; citation of all sources and references from which the research data has been gathered

After reading the above dissertation proposal format and structure, it is not complex to ascertain that a dissertation proposal accurately places the compulsory justifications for the preferred topic or problem for research and comprehensively explains how it shall be of value addition to academia in general and most importantly, that it will be carried out without hindrance in a given time frame.

A dissertation proposal can be around twenty pages long and needs to be structured and shaped in such an appealing manner that it secures approval on the first try only. A dissertation proposal which is rejected and needs to be revised is another time taking and energy draining process, something which no student would wish to go through.

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A number of factors cause students to face chaos when perfecting their dissertation proposals. The major factor which bothers them all is narrowing down the topic or problem for research. We can greatly assist in this dilemma by either providing free topics for selection, or by discussing the student’s preference on call and hence creating a topic which goes in line with their university’s as well as their conditions.

Since a dissertation proposal serves as the outline for the future dissertation itself, students can seek direction and organize their ideas so that they can nicely craft their dissertations in the future and waste no time in confusions.

Furnishing a dissertation proposal within a given deadline can cause panic in the minds of the students but with our proficient writers providing services are well versed with a variety of disciples and subjects, can instantly present an impeccable dissertation proposal which definitely attains the students the approval they are seeking for.

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