Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics


Digital Marketing is now one of the fastest growing fields even as a subfield of Marketing and as a separate field in itself. Students are readily now pursuing Digital Marketing in their Master level and postgraduate education because the field is very much interesting and bears a lot of scope in the current era. Students do need to write a Digital Marketing dissertation in order to be able to complete their postgraduate level qualification, which can prove to be quite difficult for them.

The first step is finalising the topic, which itself is a long task as well. Students may consider getting dissertation help online so that they can choose their topic easily but not every master thesis writing service offers the necessary assistance. We at The Dissertation Help have a team of highly qualified writers, who have dedicated themselves to helping out students in every manner. As such, our team has also devised Free Digital Marketing Dissertation topics so that you as a student can take help and readily select a topic for yourself.

Go ahead and browse through the list of topics we have outlined for you.


TOPIC 1: To assess the pros and cons of email marketing in grabbing customer attention towards products and services in retail sector

RESEARCH AIM: The Dissertation help intends to evaluate the pros and cons of email marketing to grab customer attention towards the products and services offered by an organization. In addition, it will unfold the capabilities of the organization in catering more and more customers at one point of time by utilising aspects of digital marketing. Similarly, Dissertation Writing Service UK will gather data from various sources so that an in-depth analysis can be conducted on the topic under consideration. This as a result, will enable marketers to evaluate their own marketing strategies and their effectiveness. 

TOPIC 2: Analysing the excessive reliance of marketers on digital content to generate more sales

RESEARCH AIM:  For depicting the over reliance of marketers on digital content, Help with Dissertation will scruitinise the increasing preferences of marketers for generating more and more digital content that in their view helps them in boosting their sales level. For this purpose, marketers will be surveyed to gather insights as to how digital content is helping them in being proactive and satisfying the end user.

TOPIC 3: To study the shift from Word-of-mouth marketing to E-WOM and its implications for consumer behaviour

RESEARCH AIM: Customer reviews play an integral part in an organization’s success. Positive or negative reviews about a product or service spreads faster with word of mouth marketing. However, the trend has just shifted towards E-WOM. Dissertation Writing Service UK will conduct an in-depth analysis to reflect consumer attitudes towards product and services via online channels. Nowadays, almost every single individual has access to internet, The Dissertation Help will consider consumer behavior online by contemplating E-WOM and its role in consumer orientation.

TOPIC 4: To comprehend the use of Search engine optimization by marketers in hospitality industry for boosting sales and gaining competitive edge over rivals

RESEARCH AIM: Dissertation Writing Service UK shall discuss the importance and benefits of Search engine optimisation. SEO is an increasing phenomena to be deliberated by marketers for boosting sales level. In addition, it is one most effective way to invite customers which eventually impacts performance of a restaurant. Similar to this, PhD Thesis shall approach the managers of hospitality industry to know their reliance over SEO and the notable differences in their revenues. This will be done in line with comparing and contrasting the revenues of different restaurants, before and after the use of SEO for competing in an entirely new manner.

TOPIC 5: How AI-driven marketing approach will affect marketing functions of an organization?

RESEARCH AIM: The purpose of the study will extensively rely on AI-driven marketing approaches to be used by organisations to gain competitive edge over their rivals. As articulated by Dissertation Writing Service UK the research will pinpoint various elements of AI-driven marketing approach, in line with the benefits and ease it is likely to offer. Similarly, The Dissertation Help will compare and contrast AI-driven approaches with that of other digital marketing approaches to know the credibility of each when it comes to marketing.

TOPIC 6: To appraise the pros offered by Big Data Analytics to the healthcare sector and its influence on patient satisfaction

RESEARCH AIM: Big data analystics these days has changed the entire game by offering ease to the businesses, Dissertation Writing Service UK, will further shed light upon pros and cons of implying big data analytics in business context. For this purpose, Dissertation Help Online shall consider reviewing the evidence from healthcare by focusing on the use of big data analytics for managing patient records and thus, leading to satisfied patients. 

TOPIC 7: To articulate the importance of Ratings and reviews on social media channels for increasing customer base

RESEARCH AIM: The Dissertation Help will allow investigating the significance of ratings and reviews on social media. Social media channels offers such platform to the customers where they can share their reviews about the products, opinions and comments etc.  With the aid of Dissertation Help Online, there will be an in-depth investigation on importance of feedback from customers on social media channels and how well they are helping businesses to increase their customer base.  Customers play an integral part in the functioning of any business, however, their reviews are the top most priority of the marketers to comprehend and offer them such products that matches their needs which will be the main focus of the study.

TOPIC 8: To discuss the budgetary constraints faced by marketers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to boost their sales via social media platforms

RESEARCH AIM: The research will shed light on the budget constraints that are faced by SME’s in marketing their products and services through social media platforms.  Dissertation Help Online will assess the options for funding available to marketers of SME’s and how well they can utilise them for boosting their revenues. In addition, Dissertation Writing Service UK shall in this regard be gathering data from SME’s and the challenges they have faced so far in comparison to MNC’s.

TOPIC 9: Why some organisations still prefer traditional marketing over digital marketing and how it has influenced the overall organizational performance

RESEARCH AIM: In the current eon, digital marketing is the only way of attracting customers and has helped organisations to tap markets that were not easy to target before. Still, in the age of digitalisation where everything is just one click away, organisations rather than considering contemporary ways to function, are still following the traditional ways to regulate business functions which will be evaluated by Dissertation Help Online.

TOPIC 10: To identify the importance of video marketing in digital marketing strategy of an organization and its impact on customer satisfaction

RESEARCH AIM: Video marketing is one of the most significant marketing trend these days which shall be evaluated by Dissertation Help Online. The proposed study will evaluate how well video marketing can impact customer preferences because video marketing varies from sharing brand videos on social media channels to enabling customers to become more confident while making online purchases. Dissertation Writers UK will gather meaningful insights from customers to know the effectiveness of video marketing in their satisfaction with the brand. However, this will help organization to have an idea about the changes in tastes and preferences of their customers. 


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