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HRM or Human Resource Management refers to the effective management of the most important resource of an organisation namely; the employees. An organisation is majorly dependent upon the employees of its organisation to function better.

Human Resource Management is also a well sought out option for specialisation with a lot of students looking forward to study it up to PhD or doctorate level. As such, students who consider on studying it also need to browse through some HRM Dissertation Topics in order to finalise that one topic on which they can write their dissertation.

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    The aim and objective will declared as:

    1. To provide a comprehensive and organized analysis of the relationship between employee engagement and customer loyalty in the service industry.
    2. To contribute to the existing knowledge on this topic by exploring the implications of employee engagement for customer loyalty.
    3. To offer significant insights to service organizations regarding the impact of employee engagement on customer loyalty and the formulation of strategies to cultivate a more engaged workforce. This is achieved by addressing the stated aims and objectives.

    The aim and objective of this study is highlighted as:

    1. To ascertain and comprehend the diverse precipitating factors that contribute to mental health concerns among employees in the service sector.
    2. To investigate the influence of these activating factors on the psychological welfare, job contentment, and general productivity of the workforce.
    3. To inspect the impact of organizational factors, including workplace culture, leadership styles, and support systems, on the mental health of employees in the service industry.

    The aim and objective of this study will indicated is:

    1. To examine the effects of economic downturns on corporations and their personnel, with a specific focus on skill deficiencies, diminished output, and employee motivation.
    2. To assess the efficacy of training and development initiatives as a strategic measure in response to economic downturns, with a specific emphasis on their capacity to augment employee competencies, fortitude, and flexibility.

    The aim and objective of this study is defined as:

    1. To investigate the influence of individual factors, including but not limited to career goals, work-life equilibrium, job contentment, and personal principles, on employees’ voluntary departure from their current occupation.
    2. To analyze the influence of organizational variables, including but not limited to leadership, organizational culture, career advancement prospects, and work conditions, on employees’ voluntary turnover.

    The aim and objective of this study is explore as:

    1. To investigate the underlying mechanisms that connect green human resource management (HRM) practices to employees’ job satisfaction. The factors under consideration include environmental consciousness, employee engagement, and organizational support.
    2. To scrutinize the correlation between the implementation of green human resource management (HRM) practices and the level of job satisfaction experienced by employees.
    3. To ascertain the particular green human resource management (HRM) practices that exert a noteworthy influence on the job satisfaction of employees.

    The aim and objective of this study is referred as:

    1. To offer insights and suggestions to organizations that are either contemplating or implementing a flat organizational structure with the goal of enhancing the decision-making process.
    2. To analyze the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a flat organizational structure in the context of decision-making, in comparison to alternative organizational structures.

    The aim and objective of this study is termed as:

    1. To investigate the influence of environmentally conscious human resource management (HR) strategies on employees’ attitudes towards their organization’s dedication to sustainability, as well as their general job contentment.
    2. To evaluate the impact of environmentally conscious human resource management practices on the level of employee engagement, motivation, and commitment to the organization.

    The aim and objective of the study is explored as:

    1. To examine the fundamental factors and considerations that have impacted human resource planning within the context of strategic planning.
    2. To provide valuable recommendations to organizations regarding the optimization and modernization of their human resources planning procedures. Thus, the enhancement of developmental strategic alliances will lead to an improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness.

    The aim and objectives of the study is referred as:

    1. To conducting a comprehensive examination of the notion of workplace diversity, encompassing multiple facets such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, and cultural origins.
    2. To investigate the ramifications of workplace diversity and its probable influence on the performance of the organization and the well-being of its employees.
    3. To examine the techniques, policies, and protocols employed by Human Resource Management (HRM) to promote diversity, equity, and fairness in diverse work environments.

    The aim and objective of this study is indicated as:

    1. To conduct an analysis of the key human resource practices utilized in the recruitment process.
    2. The utilization of job analysis for the purpose of identifying job requirements, the creation of persuasive job advertisements, and the selection of suitable screening methods.
    3. To examine the influence of technology and automation on augmenting the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources (HR) procedures in the area of recruitment.

    RESEARCH AIM: This topic will discuss and follow the viable opportunities that could be provided by the use of the people analytics in the human resource planning. The aim of the research will be to identify the usefulness of people analytics that could possibly benefit the organisation. This research will extensively describe the people analytics as a helpful tool in order to make decisions regarding their workforce by evaluating their performance and talents.

    RESEARCH AIM: This topic will allow to develop an understanding of the difference between hiring permanent and contractual employees in a particular organisation. This topic will likely lead towards an understanding of the possible challenges that particular organisations while shifting towards the hiring of permanent and contractual employees. Furthermore this research will extensively follow up towards the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a permanent and contractual employee in a particular organisation. The research would aid in developing a comparison of the benefits provided to the organisation by permanent to contractual employees. The research will also determine the various reasons for the organisations to make such type of shift.

    RESEARCH AIM: This topic will enable a comprehension to as to what cloud computing and would likely best describe it as the use of servers that are remote that are considered to store, manage and process information. This research would determine the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of such sort of technology in the HRM function of any organisation. Moreover it will be important to present the fact that the HR department requires the use of high end technology in order to recruit highly competent workforce and to evaluate the performance of the present workforce. The research will however also discuss of the relevant losses that organisations have to bear due to the utilisation of cloud computing such as high costs and the need for technical skills.

    RESEARCH AIM: In order to identify and investigate the possible link amid the intelligent self-service tools and the employee assessment in the organisation, this topic will develop an extensive comprehension of the relationship. Due to the constant technological innovation, organisations are deemed to make use of such type of intelligent tools in order to evaluate the performance of employees. It is essential for the organisations to identify their key resources and to reward them accordingly. This study will also aim to identify the challenges faced with the utilisation of intelligent self-service tools for the assessment of employees in the organisation.

    RESEARCH AIM: It will inculcate the concept of blockchain technology and its possible benefit that could be provided with its incorporation in the HRM department of an organisation. Moreover it is important to suggest that the research will discuss that blockchain technology is one of the newly introduced technology which can be used by HR managers to recruit employees in an effective manner. This research will highlight the potential ease of hiring employees and would optimise the processes of the human resource. The dissertation will further instruct as to the way block chain could be used by the human resource in order to assess the background and details of each of the candidate that have applied for a particular position in the organisation.

    RESEARCH AIM: In the contemporary business environment there have significant technological advancements that have led organisations to be motivated enough to gain a competitive advantage. It will shed light upon the introduction of the artificial intelligence in the HR department of any organisation in order to optimise its functions. Artificial intelligence can make the job much easier for the HR department and will allow to the easily recruit and select highly skilled employees for the particular job.

    RESEARCH AIM: It will allow to develop an understanding of the use of HR management in the improving the moral of the employees. This study will highlight the importance of various strategies that can be implemented by the HR management in order to boost the employee commitment in order to attain the desired goals and objectives of the organisations. HR management is supposedly required to act as a negotiator between the upper management and the employees and develops strategies that are known to enhance the moral of the employees and so that they are motivated.

    RESEARCH AIM: It will highlight the importance of wellness and health applications in the measurement of the employee performances. It is highly important to measure the performance of each and every employee so that the management realises their abilities and potential. This study will explore Wellness and health application to enhance the commitment and performance of the employees which will be beneficial for the high performance of the organisation. Another aim of the research would be to track the wellness and health of the employees as the key performance indicator for a particular organisation.

    RESEARCH AIM: This research will support in identifying and evaluating the role of the HRM in order to maintain an equilibrium to ensure a possible balance between work and personal life. The study will emphasise on developing an understanding of the essence of maintaining an equilibrium between work and personal in order to ensure that there is no threat to performance of the employees. Furthermore, it will be important to investigate the possible HRM policies to develop a positive atmosphere in the organisation so that employees do not feel stressed at work.

    RESEARCH AIM: With the help of this research, there will be an investigation of the various HR policies that will likely be ethical and will be based upon the interests of the organisation and its potential stakeholders. The research will also highlight the fact that there is a need for ethical orientation of the organisations so that there can be organisational success and high performance. Furthermore the research will also discuss and highlight of the various unethical practices within the organisations.


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