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Are You Looking For Some Focus Group Transcription Services?

Transcription of a focus group is not an easy task. Being a typical research methodology, it contains a lot of information that requires utmost diligence to analyse.  That is exactly why you might be looking for focus group transcription service to get your transcriptions done easily.


    Why Do I Need A Transcription Service For Focus Group?

    Focus groups are a great way to collect large number of information as they contain up to 15 participants. They are a valuable source for:

    • Investigating opinions and attitudes of people about a subject.
    • Collecting feedback about a particular product or service.
    • Proposing solutions to some identified problems.
    • Explaining statistical data with in-depth explanations.
    • Adding new insights to strategic management processes.
    • Collecting data for qualitative research.

    A focus group transcription is much difficult compared to one to one interviews as they:

    • Include a large number of speakers.
    • Involve interruptions and overlapping conversations.
    • Consist of voice discrepancies and noises.
    • Contain different accents and dialects spoken at the same time.

    All of the above listed factors make it very difficult to extract the crux of the focus group discussions. A professional transcription service understands the technicalities involved. They can accurately transcribe your focus group recording into comprehensible text.

    How Does A Focus Transcription Company Provide Accurate Results?

    Listening to a focus group is very different than reading its discussion. It does not involve rewinding the audio back and forth to highlight the key points. A professional service counters all the complications of transcriptions and provides you with premium quality data by including the following aspects in its transcription process so that you can focus more on your research:

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    • Verbatim transcription: A human based transcription tends to involve the style you have mentioned in your requirements which may be:
      • Verbatim (exact word to word): this involves inclusion of all the voices including background noises, stutters and fillers like hmmm, err, um.
      • Non verbatim: it excludes all the background voices and noises from the text.
    • Correction of grammatical and pronunciation errors: focus group discussions consist of different dialects and accents and may involve errors. A transcription service edits out all the errors.
    • Addition of timestamps: Focus transcription writing includes timestamps. This makes it easier for the reader to go back to the referring part of the speech without the need of playing the entire audio again.
    • Identification of the speaker: Speakers are identified in the texts with general identifiers like “P” for Participant, “M” for Moderator, [Male] and [Female] and [Mod] for moderator(s).
    • Proofreading: The last step in the finalisation of transcriptions is proofreading. Proofreading is done by an experienced writer who has years of experience in transcription writing to ensure that the final draft is free of errors with ultra-precision.

    Example Of Transcription Of A Focus Group Discussion.


    Mod: Hello Mary, this is Robert. Can you please enlighten your roles in the organization?

    Female: Hello Dan, I’m the director at R&D department…..


    Mod: Great. You Dan?

    Male: Hello, I work as a marketing analyst…..


    Mod: And you Peter?

    Male: I work at the human resource department……

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