MBA Dissertation Topics For Postgraduate Students 2022


It’s tough, it’s intense, it’s a dissertation!

The MBA degree is on your fingertips but the dissertation is the only thing in your way to grab it! It’d be a dream come true if I could ask a genie to do my dissertation I swear.

Dissertation or Thesis shouldn’t be taken lightly, your whole degree depends on it. All the effort you have put throughout the year(s) and all the all-nighters you have pulled studying for exam come to an end. Before you finally get your Post Graduate degree, there’s one last final boss that you have to get through and it’s the dissertation.

You know what a dissertation is and how write it, right?

Okay relax, Just in case you don’t know about it, let me quickly walk through it. If you are very clear on the concept of the dissertation, you can just skip this part but at your own risk cause you could miss out on some useful info.

What is a Dissertation or Thesis?

A dissertation is veeery scary detailed piece of work that will cost you a lot of time and sweat. Dissertations are mandatory for most of the graduate and postgraduate degrees (which is pretty much justifiable, to be honest).

Since this is not about how to write a dissertation, I will discuss these steps with you someday else.

How to Pick a Topic for Your Dissertation?

Yeah, I am still giving you free MBA Dissertation topics don’t worry, but it would be best if you figure out the topic yourself. The Dissertation or the Thesis topic has to be chosen by you and that’s a very critical task. If you are trying to pick your own topic or thinking of improvising over an existing topic. Make sure to keep these few things in mind

  • ▶ Don’t be too limited
  • ▶ Don’t be too specific
The impact of social media on marketing

Don’t be too broad.

The Impact of Facebook ads in boosting sales of Samsung phones in Luton
The Impact of Facebook ads on consumer’s purchase intentions in UK

Back to our topic.

(Gosh, I get sidetracked so easily).

So writing a dissertation is on another level of complexity but finding what to write your dissertation is as tiring as writing the dissertation itself.

Here I am giving out free MBA dissertation topics for a great price of £0.0 and believe me you won’t find a better deal anywhere!

To make it easy for you to choose your dissertation topic, I have divided them into different major subjects so you can easily find your major and then decide what topic you want to write on.

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • ▶ The benefits of an accounting information system and its many uses in different industries: a study
  • ▶ A study of the benefits of business accounting with the advent of modern technology
  • ▶ A study of the changes brought in to the health insurance taxation as observed in the United Kingdom
  • ▶ A detailed study of three major accounting frauds of the last decade in the United Kingdom and the need for ethical judgment to be implemented in accounting at all times
  • ▶ Compare and contrast between external and in-house auditors in United Kingdom and United States of America

Management Dissertation Topics

  • ▶ A study into the feasibility and deployment of the four-factor asset pricing model in the United Kingdom Stock Market.
  • ▶ An examination of supply chain management at Sony Electronics: does it increase productivity and customer satisfaction?
  • ▶ An investigation into customer perception of service quality provided by small and large hotels in China. Does size influence customer expectations?
  • What is the criterion for successful flexible working arrangements? An analysis of flexible working practices in London.
  • ▶ How does the banking sector influence economic growth? A comparative analysis of China and United Kingdom.

Business Dissertation Topics

  • ▶ A study of the strategies that local markets undertake to deal with international brands and their business.
  • ▶ The Nature of and Pace of Change in China’s Business Culture
  • How the Olympics 2020 will Benefit Tokyo’s Image?
  • ▶ How do automobile company Ford use CRM to improve customer loyalty?
  • ▶ Has online shopping contributed to a decline in United Kingdom retail sales?

Public Administration Dissertation Topics

  • ▶ Comparative study of managerial effectiveness of principals of public and private schools in Bedford
  • An evaluation of policy capacity building in Civil Service adopted by the State Governments in the United States of America
  • ▶ Methods and techniques of engaging citizens of United Kingdom in community welfare for the betterment of society
  • The role of the United Kingdom federal government in giving resources to those positioned to exploit them
  • ▶ Bus-travel subsidies for pensioners: a comparative study of current schemes and budgeting in the US and United Kingdom.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • ▶Factors affecting competition & success in the athletic footwear of the footwear industry in the United States
  • ▶The effects and impact of alcohol advertising on the consumption of alcohol by young people in the United Kingdom
  • ▶How does celebrity endorsement influence the consumers purchasing decisions?
  • ▶To what extent do cartoon characters influence children and what implications does this have on parents in the United Kingdom?
  • ▶How does Zara sustain a competitive advantage In Europe without advertising?


That was a lot.

Although these were a few good dissertation topics you could use, it would be preferred if you would improvise with the subjects and objects of the topic rather than taking exactly what is written in there.

It would make your topic the best!

The possibilities are infinite! To the moon and beyond.

WHO’S THE AUTHOR? Olivia Johnson is an amazing writer who has done MBA in Marketing from the University of Warwick. She loves painting and reading. To keep the writer inside her awake, she loves to write content for TheDissertationHelp with her excellent time management skills!


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