How to find a Topic worth Researching – DIY Dissertation Guide

How to find a Topic worth Researching – DIY Dissertation Guide

One of the most important yet least stressful parts of starting a research project. Don’t get me wrong; it will still make you question all your life’s decisions, but since it is the part where you have the most room for creativity, it can be made fun with a few tips. If only we could just buy dissertations online, right?


If you’re gonna brainstorm, it has to be with ideas you have a certain level of information about so you don’t have to start with a clean slate. Try to read about current events through different sources and watch the news, because it could give you fresh ideas to work on. Make sure it’s something you are passionate about and would like to work on in the future, because that will make your process much easier, not to mention, the research will help you out when you’re ready to pursue it again in the future.

  • Minimize research by picking topics you already know a little bit about
  • Choose something you have a passion for and want to work on in the future

Yes, we do care what people think

Ask your “woke” friends what they think. They must have brilliant ideas because they’re always up to date with what’s going on. Topic that are relevant and interesting enough currently that there would be a good amount of buzz because of them, resulting in more authentic, fresh research material for you to choose from. If you choose something boring, outdated and repetitive, people might not be interested in it at all. Try to understand your audience. Know them and work according to their preferences.

  • Try to pick something that both you and your target audience would be interested in
  • Ask around, talk to people. Learn about what interests them. Conveying surveys on random topics might be a great way to do this.

It’s not cheating, it’s mere inspiration

You may take help from previously written pieces on the topic. We aren’t trying to plagiarize, but that’s literally how research is done. You look up information on whatever topic you want to learn about from all the sources you can find and once you have enough input, you try to make the topic your own by putting your powers of comprehension to the test and trying to articulate your perspective on it successfully to your own audience. I gotta tell you, not as easy as it sounds.

  • Read everything on the topic, from online articles to library books
  • If you need to quote something, add citation. Mentioning sources is mandatory.

The great kings of the past are up there…

Get help from the people before you who’ve done dissertations on the same topic! Again, it’s not cheating. A huge part of being flexible during research and modifying your topics learning from people who have already done intensive research on what you are about to write. It gives you not only greater knowledge on the topic, but helps you learn other people’s perspectives on it as well. There is nothing wrong with that and you can most certainly use it to improve your research tenfold.

  • Look at previous dissertations on the same topic
  • Read the implications and work on them

What’s been bothering you?

Think about your hopes, your dreams, your passion in life! Right after you’ve chosen a good research topic for yourself to work on. Writing on things you feel strongly about is a great way to make your project strong, meaningful and informative. You know you will put your heart into it which will automatically make it worth reading and investing in. The only thing you need to steer clear of is controversies. Most trending topics these days (such as feminism and abortion) have really strong believers and disbelievers. You want to stay unbiased and make your work informative and effective without offending anyone.

  • Choose topics that mean something to you
  • Learn about them through different sources. Make them your own.
  • Try not to be too controversial

Ask yourself “W” questions

No, I do not mean questions like “will you write my dissertation for me”. I know it’s tempting but “w” questions are a great way to understand your project and its requirements in a way that breaks it down into its most essential components.

Get to know it a little…

By this I mean you must read the general background information on all your potential topics. It will help you decide whether or not you want to work on it for the several months (or even years) of your life. Make sure to remember that you will have to dedicate yourself to this topic entirely. You will have to look into it constantly and discover new things every single day. It will be the only thing you can focus on for quite a while. It’s like getting married, except to a topic which keeps demanding you get to know it a little better, even though you spend your every waking moment trying to understand it. If the situation sounds familiar to you, I offer my condolences.

  • Read up on the background info
  • Try to understand the gist of a topic before beginning to work on it

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