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Make Your Digital Files Readable With the Top Interview Transcription Writing Service

Interviews are conducted on daily basis for multiple purposes like:

  • ▶ News writing on current affairs and political issues.
  • ▶ Recruitment and hiring.
  • ▶ Conducting clinical trials for qualitative research.
  • ▶ Customer’s feedback on a product or service.
  • ▶ Market research about people’s attitude and behaviors.

With tons of information generated every day in the form of interviews, it is almost impossible for someone to take key notes from lengthy audio or video files.

Instead of hiring someone for transcriptions job like in traditional times, people are now going for online interview transcription writing services. This avoid the hassles of hiring and paying someone on monthly basis. With online services, they can get their interviews transcribed whenever they want with rates set according to minute and turnaround time.

Why Interview Transcription Services Are Vital?

Transcription services are becoming a vital part in every field. Researchers, market strategists, reporters, recruiters, entrepreneurs and journalists all conduct interviews and keeping track of each of them is near to impossible. With the advent of technology, it has become much easy to record audio file and later send it to a transcription service.

In addition to saving time, a professional interview transcription service provides you transcriptions which give you multiple other benefits:

  • ▶ Give exact accurate notes as the recorded interview.
  • ▶ Give precise notes which are easy to comprehend.
  • ▶ Help in avoiding the cumbersome task of rewinding and replaying audio/video file.
  • ▶ Include verbatim transcription in the written text.
  • ▶ Avoid speech idiosyncrasies like stutters in the transcribed document.
  • ▶ Make data easy to infer and accessible for future references.

Which is the Best service in UK for 99% accurate transcripts of interviews?

There are many online services in UK for producing transcripts of interviews. A standard website gives top notch transcription service by ensuring:

  • ▶ Complete human based transcriptions.
  • ▶ Transcriptions done by UK based native writers
  • ▶ Making verbatim inclusions for all transcriptions.
  • ▶ 99% accurate transcripts of interviews with proper understanding of all dialects.
  • ▶ Quality assurance with editing and proofreading services.

The Dissertation Help is not an online website but an organization assisting people from all over the world under the supervision of Dr. Xavier Harrison, Head of Department of the Online University based in UK. With our mission to become the leading brand in providing transcription writing services, we strive to give our customers the best of the services:

  • ▶ 24 hours online consultancy: You can get consultancy from our specialists anytime you want. Whether you are looking for answers to your queries or want to order. Or you want to know the progress of your order.  
  • ▶ Market competitive rates: We offer the cheapest rates for transcriptions with quick turnaround time and high level accuracy.
  • ▶ 100% Quality check: Our Quality Assurance Department makes sure that all the interview transcriptions are done accurately with proper editing and proofreading.
  • ▶ Money-back guarantee: All our orders are delivered after being checked 100% from the Quality Assurance department and on time but if you think that the service was not up to the mark, you can get a complete refund from us.   
  • ▶ Compliant with all UK based Dialects: We have our writers from all parts of UK. This makes our services compliant with any UK based dialect your audio is in.
  • ▶ Compatible with all audio/video formats: You do not have to change the format of your file for getting it transcribed. Just send us your file and get accurate transcriptions with us.
  • ▶ Urgent transcriptions: You can get your files transcribed on urgent basis with us as well.

Looking for order placement? Call our customer support executives for the best interview transcription writing service and get your audios transcribed in no time.

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