Key Steps to follow for writing a Perfect Dissertation

Little bit of my story and a lot for your knowledge.

I have had many personal experiences with dissertation writing and it has cost me more than I could afford to lose. From grades to my focus everything lost its balance in the pursuit of writing a dissertation. Count on my failures to lead you to your success because success boosts your ego while failure cultivates your growth! I had tried to get dissertation help UK to help too. Keep reading to learn about 3 easy steps for dissertation writing

Finish your dissertation don’t let it finish you!

It was 26th January 2020. I was enrolled in Strategical, Financial, Analysis and Decision making. It was just like any other class I had attended in my university. Everything was fitting to my experience but to be honest how much was my experience in my MBA? Only 6 months to be precise.

It was my second semester, I had completed my bachelors in economics with not so flying colors because I am not some genius with 4 CGPA or anything and happy for the fact that I at least cleared that god forbidden subject. The credit for my “not so flying colors” goes to the villain in my story.

Hate to kill your imagination but my villain is not heartbreak or anything. It’s worse. I like to call that monster or as anyone would call it, dissertation.

Okay, I am sorry for building up the melodrama but Oh my God! If I had the power to blow soul into one thing, I would blow it into dissertation and have my ways with it.  

If only I had figured out these golden rules to writing a dissertation, I guess my bachelors in economics would have gone well.

The Holy Grail!

Step 1:

Smart Beginnings have a happy ending!

When taking on dissertation on a one on one battle, you need to find the right opponent (topic). Don’t think dissertation is just another assignment. Believe me, when I tell you, it’s a fight to the death (not exaggerating)

Finding the right topic is a crucial part of your dissertation and it makes a LOT of difference so don’t just pick one out of the blue follow this chart because it will be your light in the dark. 

Just the right amount of oregano in your pasta can make it Mammamiaaa, same rule applies when selecting a topic.

Here are some examples of bad topics for dissertation

Impact of Social Media ads on the purchase intention

This topic is too broad, what do you mean by “Social Media”? Which Social media? Who’s purchase intention?

Correct one would be “Impact of Facebook ads on the purchase intention of its user in the *country*”

Effect of Samsung cell phones on its daily users.

This one is not broad but it’s too limited. How many people in the world own a Samsung device? And how many people use Samsung cell phone as their daily driver? I have two cell phones a Nokia and a Samsung. Best of luck getting me to fill your questionnaire without biasness.

Impact of skincare soap on its user skin

Okay, aside from being unclear, this topic doesn’t make sense at all. And that’s what unclear means.

Now exercise your brain and figure out the correct topics for the other two mentioned above.

In short, your dissertation topic should provide an answer rather than generate more questions in the reader’s mind.

Step 2:

Tame it!

See the thing is, dissertations are just a new light shed on the same boat. Like a Re-spray of the same color on your old car.

You need to do a lot of secondary research, In simpler terms after you’ve figured out your topic, just do a comprehensive search for other topics relating to it (go full Joe Goldberg on her). All of this goes in your “Literature Review” part.  This will help you find your variables. These will help you further along in your paper.

If she’s the one, stick with her!

Remember! Since technology is changing faster than I can change cloths, it’s hard to keep up with it. That’s why we only take papers that are 10 years older.

Select only one paper out the huge list you just searched out (I know you won’t search for more than 5 papers you rebel you) and follow it religiously! That’s your base paper.

Bend the knee and send your proposal!

Writing a dissertation is like marrying your worst enemy. After you have found your topic and your base paper, it’s time to tell her how much you love her and send a proposal.

Your proposal consists of,

  1. Introduction: Tell her how pretty she is, what makes her special and why her. (explain why this particular topic)
  2. Literature Review: Tell her about her past, accept it and don’t make the mistakes the other guys did. (Analyze past papers and find the gaps)
  3. Methodology:  Plan your wedding (explain the method you would choose to do your research) 

Step 3:

The Answer to the Un-Answered Question

Now, you might or might not know that the word count for dissertation varies from your level of degree,

  • For bachelors (5000 – 10,000)
  • Masters (10,000 – 15,000)
  • For M.Phil. (20,000 – 30,000)
  • And for Ph.D. it could go up to a 100,000 words

Just keep this rule in mind, in every paper the weightage of word count would be,

  • Intro – 15% – I -intellectual
  • Literature Review – 30% – L – Lost
  • Methodology – 10% – M – Mad
  • Data collection – 30% – D – Dead
  • Interpretation/Conclusion – 15% – Crazy

So with all this knowledge and key steps if you still ask me what I think about dissertations? Well, I’d say she is pretty but she is a tough one, she is hard to manage but she is important, and my everything depends on her.

Author Bio: Olivia Johnson is an MBA in Marketing from the University of Warwick. She loves painting and writing stories and if you need hnd assignments, I am your girl!

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