List of 15 Successful Companies in the World

Even the record downturns such as the COVID-19 pandemic hardly even scratch the surface of these strongest behemoths. As demonstrated by this list of the top 15 largest companies, which have been featured on the Fortune 500 list for many years.

Other benefits are provided for job seekers by the largest corporations. Due to the breadth of these businesses, there are opportunities in a wide range of fields and at varying levels of experience. Since there are so many departments and positions, there are opportunities for advancement. It is helpful for students who want to do internships in these companies for their PhD dissertation help. Moreover, as the company has an international focus, working abroad is an option.

According to the dissertation writing service, the Top 15 Successful Companies are:

These ratings are based on the Market cap. This list will be beneficial for the students who are looking for MBA dissertation help for their final year research project. Let’s take a look at the top 15 largest corporations in the world.


TTM Revenue: $559.2 billion

Year established: 1962

With 2.3 million employees worldwide, 5,342 of Walmart’s department stores and discount superstores are located in the US. The company’s other employees are based in its international locations.  Which span over 20 nations and include 400 retail locations in China and Canada, respectively.

Sam Walton, the company’s founder, believed that providing good customer service and low prices could help people live better lives. This mission has since been expanded, most notably with the help of a large company, which now bargains for its clients’ access to affordable drug prices. Walmart aims to maintain its lead by making additional investments in-store technology, delivery service, and its online store. Walmart’s revenues are still far ahead of the list’s runner-up, Amazon.


TTM Revenue: $469.8 billion

Year established: 1994

When the pandemic struck, Jeff Bezos’s e-retail empire saw a surge in sales. So the profits, making him the world’s richest person at the same time. Amazon continues to profit on several fronts even though the entrepreneurial star stepped away from the company’s day-to-day operations in 2021.

A price increase for Amazon’s Prime delivery and on-demand entertainment services, combined with the company’s growth. Its growth is over 200 million subscribers worldwide which contribute significantly to the company’s profitability.

Amazon has raised benefits and wages for employees in response to complaints about the working conditions at its warehouses. Amazon, which employs nearly 1.5 million people worldwide, is still a formidable employer.

3.State Grid Corporation of China

TTM Revenue: $386.6 billion

Year established: 2002

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), is a state-owned electric utility in China. It has experienced the same devastating effects of pandemic-related profit loss and political pressure for lower carbon emissions. Despite the challenges, SGCC continues to make sizable profits from providing utility services to more than a billion people in China. The company also owns stakes in utilities in other countries, such as the Philippines, Australia, Italy, and Brazil. The firm is committed to pursuing cleaner energy means that environmental jobs will be added to the 896,360 currently employed.


TTM Revenue: $378.3 billion

Year established: 1976

The sudden increase in demand for home-based offices during the pandemic helped the tech giant’s profits soar. Apple continues to draw cult-like loyalty from its customers. Apple’s 154,000 employees enjoy competitive pay and benefits in one of the world’s best companies to work for.

Apple’s greatest threat is anti-monopoly legislation, as the company strives to dominate the markets for smartphones, computers, apps, smart watches, digital music, as well as Oscar-winning films.

5.Saudi Aramco

TTM Revenue: $346.5 billion

Year established: 1933

This Saudi Arabian mining and petroleum production company is a relative newcomer to the Fortune 500 list. It has also survived the pandemic storm and keeps looking for ways to remain profitable. Saudi Aramco uses sophisticated technology to assist in environmental, government compliance, efficiency, and financial processes throughout the company. Almost 80,000 people work here, so there are many opportunities for those looking for high-tech jobs.

6.China National Petroleum

TTM Revenue: $284 billion

Year established: 1988

The largest oil and gas company in the world has operations in 30 nations. It has formed many cooperative and strategic alliances for supply chains, operations, and drilling. The international energy behemoth employs over 1.2 million people, with numerous STEM job opportunities. The business also intends to move more of its operations to natural gas in the upcoming years. It is because it supports China’s government’s efforts to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

7.Sinopec Group

TTM Revenue: $283.7 billion

Year established: 2000

The demand from production lines and freight companies has increased. The second-largest oil company in China has seen profits return. However, their future goals include switching to cleaner energy. According to reports, Sinopec intends to surpass its current workforce of over 500,000 employees by 2025. Moreover, they hope to become China’s biggest producer of hydrogen for use as a transportation fuel.

8.Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

TTM Revenue: $276.1 billion

Year established: 1839

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, continues to rank among the world’s wealthiest people. It exerts influence over investors aspiring to match even a small portion of his life success. His organization is a massive multinational corporation that owns numerous businesses. That includes Duracell, GEICO, Dairy Queen, and Helzberg Diamonds. It also has the most pricey shares in history and a successful insurance division. Berkshire Hathaway’s 360,000 employees depend on Buffett’s renowned business judgment to maintain the company’s stability and profitability.


TTM Revenue: $254 billion

Year established: 1937

Germany continues to lead the world in the auto sector, which is home to many of the best employers in the nation. Volkswagen is the region’s largest automotive manufacturer. It is the world’s second-largest, with massive revenues trailing only Japan’s Toyota Motor. Volkswagen also owns Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Audi, among other well-known car brands. As of December 2020, VW offered an amazing 17,939 apprentice positions, and the company currently employs 663,000 people worldwide. VW also favors training and development programs.

10.China State Construction Engineering Company

TTM Revenue: $234.4 billion

Year established: 1957

China is well-known for investing heavily in infrastructure. Numerous lucrative contracts have been won by the CSCEC, a company backed by the government. This multinational corporation designs, and engineers. It builds everything from monorail systems, automobile factories, skyscrapers, and emergency COVID-19 hospitals to roads, bridges, and road networks. CSCEC hires people from all over the world and has four different “promotion channels” in management, professional, consultant, and operations.

11.NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

TTM Revenue: $26.9 billion

Year established: 1993

NVIDIA creates graphics processors and associated software. It played a major role in the creation of the graphics processing unit (GPU), whose main uses were in PC graphics and video games. Applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning now make use of the GPU’s capabilities.

The company provides hardware, software, services, and other products. It provides platforms to the gaming,  data center, professional visualization, and automotive markets. Nvidia GPUs have also played an important role in cryptocurrency mining.

12.Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

TTM revenue: $184.9 billion

Year established: 1975

Microsoft is a software, device, solution, and service provider with a global presence. The business is well known for its Xbox gaming console, Windows, and Office Suite software. The cloud computing services for which MSFT is a market leader are contributing an increasing portion of its profit and revenue. Azure is the name of Microsoft’s primary cloud platform. The well-known job-seeker social networking site LinkedIn is also owned and run by Microsoft.

13.Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

TTM Revenue: $182.8 billion

Year established: 1984

Many of the biggest and best banks in the world are located in Asia. The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) was established in 1984 and has its headquarters in Beijing. It has 884 locations around the world, spread across 39 different countries and territories. And over 430,000 people have employed it. With profits exceeding $45 billion in 2021 and assets exceeding $5 trillion, the ICBC is once again the world’s largest lender. The state-owned bank provides services to more than 5.90 billion individuals and 9.2 million corporations worldwide, according to its financial interim report (PDF).

14.Warner Bros.

TTM Revenue: $86 billion

Year established: 1923

Ann Sarnoff is the CEO of Warner Bros. She is the first female who took the chair of CEO. Moreover, she also comes into the list of Hollywood celebrities who went to Harvard and joined the media and entertainment industry. Warner Bros. is a media and entertainment conglomerate that is a part of ATT’s WarnerMedia division. The production company Warner Bros. is unstoppable and has produced some excellent films as well as successful movie franchises. Harry Potter, The Matrix, and Batman are among them.

It ranks second in terms of the total number of movies produced in the United States, with 249, and is also the second-largest studio by box office performance. Warner Bros. Pictures Group, its film studio division, includes notable subsidiary companies such as Castle Rock Entertainment, DC Films, and New Line Cinema.

15.Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)

TTM revenue: $53.8 billion

Year established: 2003

Tesla is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer (EVs). The company’s vehicle lineup consists of the Model 3, a four-door midsize sedan priced for the mass market, the Model Y, a compact SUV that seats seven adults, the Model S, a full-size sedan with four doors, and the Model X, a medium-sized SUV that can accommodate up to seven adults. The company intends to develop and manufacture a Cybertruck as well as a Tesla Semi, a commercial EV. Tesla also manufactures solar panels, generates solar energy, and sells energy storage products.

Last thoughts

As you can see, the largest businesses in the world operate in a variety of sectors. This includes banking, oil and gas, and the automotive industry. Unsurprisingly, there are many Chinese companies on the list. However, when it comes to profits, assets, and employment opportunities, Walmart, the US retail behemoth, continues to dominate. Time will show if these high-flyers can keep their top positions as well as which industries will emerge to challenge them. Hopefully, this list of successful companies will encourage you to change management research topics of yours into this.

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