Top 10 Dissertation Topics on Corona Virus Pandemic for Masters Students

2020 is like a new episode of Black Mirror every month.

But there has been one never ending nightmare for a lot of students that’s going on from decades now and it’s called dissertation. You can run from it as much as you can but can never outrun it if you want to get that master’s degree.

So if you are a master’s student who is looking for some interesting and relevant topics for your dissertation. Congratulations because it ends right here because here are some eye-catching dissertation topics on Corona Virus that can help you score high!

So let’s not joke around and get down to the real business.

Dissertation Topics for Master’s Students

Before I start spilling all the beans, I want to let you know that these topics are legitimate and are completely free to use. You are allowed to make changes to these topics the way you want and create very custom personalized COVID-19 Masters dissertation topics for yourself or your friends even!

So let’s jump right into it!

1.  Death and mourning processes in the times of the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19)

This is a great topic for the sociology students to discuss how funerals and other traditions in different cultures have been affected by the Corona Virus. Discuss how mourning over the victims of Corona Virus has taken a toll over the mental health of the family. What kind of noticeable changes have you seen in the traditions and compared to their origins.

2.  Strategies to reduce novel pathogen emergence: policy, conservation and health implications

Discuss and address the strategies that you think can help prevent the spread of Corona Virus by conducting a research throughout the history of its outbreak. This can be a very beneficial research to help in the fight against the Corona Virus.

3.  Fear and increased risk of death by other causes triggered by COVID19 such as hunger, suicide, domestic violence, other types of violence or criminality.

Corona Virus is killing people but it’s not the only one, there are other things caused by the outbreak of novel virus that is causing fear and risk of death among the civilians. Research through the statistics of suicide, death by starvation, domestic violence, robberies and other similar crimes and conclude if they have increased or decreased after the outbreak.

4.  On the macro-level, how will the world trade’s environmental infrastructure support countries to tackle COVID- 19?

A good topic if you are a business student in which you can analyze how the world’s trade has been affected and what the environmental infrastructure countries are doing to help in the fight against Corona Virus. You can either take your research to a global scale or select a country of your choice as the base of your research.

5.  Disruption over short, medium and long term; food dumping and modifications of food wastes along the supply chain; reorganization and resilience of disrupted food supply chains; innovations in the food supply chain; strengthening of local and regional food systems; urban agriculture.

This is one of the best master dissertation Topics on Corona Virus Pandemic that I came up with for the supply chain students. You can select any specific food chain or any other supply chain management industry and then conduct a research comparing the effects of Corona Virus outbreak in a country or a city of your choice.

6.  How should fragile patients with advanced disease receiving chemotherapy be treated when they are in areas heavily affected by the infection? What ethical and practical implications can there be?

An extremely interesting topic for the medical students. You can go through hospital records and interview the families and patients suffering from advanced diseases like cancer and research and analyze how the outbreak of Corona Virus has affected their treatments. What are the monetary changes in the treatments and if there is any shortage on resources? Compare the conclusions of the research with the records found before the Corona Virus outbreak.

7.  How COVID-19 outbreak shaped the working practices of businesses?

With a lot of small business closing down and a lot of business thriving, this dissertation topic is extremely relevant. You can select a specific industry like food/restaurant industry or cosmetic industry and the change in their working practices after the Corona Virus outbreak globally. Analyze if the change in their working practices has affected the business structure in any significant way in either negative or positive way.

8.  The role of government in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and the economic meltdown

Discuss the role of government in controlling the spread of Corona Virus and taking necessary precautions to slow down the spread rate. Compare between two different states or countries and the effects of each of the protocol forced by the government.

9.  The impact of lockdowns due to COVID-19 outbreak and their effects on the economy.

You can take any city, for instance you can take London or New York and then look at their economic value for the country and the significant financial/economic curve country is facing due to the city being in a lockdown. You can compare multiple cities or just one city and it’s historical records on terms of financial and economic effect on the country.

10. The impact of Corona Virus outbreak on the major business industries

You can analyze the effect of Corona Virus on any major business industry such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola or any other major industry of your choice. Research and analyze how the Corona Virus outbreak has affected their business in either positive or negative way.

Final Words

These topics can help you get your master’s degree with a dissertation like nobody has seen before.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite topics, make drafts and start researching and working on the best topic that suits your interests the most.

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