Covid19 Business Dissertation Topics

Corona Virus has affected every single thing on earth. From education to businesses, there’s nothing we can say that it is not affected by the Corona Virus. Conducting researches for dissertations is more challenging than ever before. But you can either take it as a disadvantage or an advantage, it’s all up to you!

How do you take it as an advantage?

A good and smart way to take advantage is that you can craft amazing MBA dissertation topics on Corona Virus pandemic that can catch anyone’s eye and help you score some good marks.

So if you are looking for some amazing dissertation topics on Corona Virus then you have landed on the right page. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list of some amazing topics that are handpicked for you!

MBA Dissertation Topics on Corona Virus

  1. Before we start looking at the interesting these amazing COVID-19 MBA dissertation topics here is some things that you should consider before finalizing a topic for yourself.
  2. Always choose a topic that interest you and is within the criteria of the requirements and interests of your professors as well.
  3. Never settle on the first topic that you find interesting.
  4. Always make multiple drafts on each topic before finalizing your topic.

So while keeping all these things in your mind, move forward to the list of the best MBA dissertation topics on Corona Virus.

The impact of Corona Virus on industrial marketing practices

The aim of this research topic revolves around the industrial marketing. Choose an industry and then a specific brand to analyze the changes on their marketing practices after the global outbreak of Corona Virus.

The changes in fiscal policies in different industries after the Corona Virus outbreak.

You can analyze, compare and then address the changes in monetary policies within a certain industry or a businesses. You can select an industry of your choice in a country or a city of your choice to conduct a research based on your likings and interests.

How tech giants are adapting to new marketing tactics due to the COVID-19 Spread

Technology is something that hasn’t stopped evolving in these testing times as well. You can research on different technology companies and analyze their new marketing tactics after adapting to a world in chaos. You can choose any tech company like Apple or Twitter or even maybe Tesla and analyze the changes in their behavior with their employees and their consumers as well.

The major regions and businesses impacted by Corona Virus and how they are adapting their strategies against it

This research topic focuses on the businesses in a certain region and how they are changing their strategies according to it. You can take any highly impacted country like China or Italy or any other of your choice. Select a major business and analyze their business strategies before and after the outbreak of Corona Virus.

Global recession as a consequence of Corona Virus outbreak and how the United Kingdom is dealing with it

The world is in a chaos and the global recession does not look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. You can analyze how the government of United Kingdom or any other country is dealing with the global recession and how much it has been effecting them.

Research to identify the impacts of Corona Virus on banking and future of banking after the pandemic

Because the Corona Virus can be spread through touch, physical currency is being deferred. How is this affecting the banking industry and how it will affect the future of banking? Will everything go digital? Or we all will be back to using coins and bills? Do your research on it and let the world know.

Case study on the impacts of Corona Virus on the real estate sector in United States

Is real estate sector being affected by Corona Virus outbreak? Conduct a research and analyze what kind of negative or positive impacts real estate industry has gotten after the pandemic and compare different states. You can choose any state or any other country depending on your interest and criteria.

The impact of Corona Virus outbreak on the United Kingdom’s stock market

The aim of this research topic would be to research and analyze how the Corona Virus pandemic outbreak has affected the United Kingdom’s stock market in a positive or negative way. Compare the results with the historical ups and downs in the stock market and see if the Corona Virus has been the worst or best and what could be learned from the results.

The impact of Corona Virus on the marketing ad spend among textile industry in United Kingdom

Due to all the requirements of safety gear to protect people and prevent the spread of Corona Virus. What is the impact on marketing budgets of textile industry in the United Kingdom? Conduct an in-depth research and see how the Corona Virus is either benefitting or not textile industry in UK or not during the pandemic and what is changes on in their marketing campaign(s).

An analysis of how Corona Virus has affected the economy of China

China is being bashed and blamed for the spread of novel virus that has caused chaos across the globe. Research and analyze changes in China’s trading and other economic sectors after the outbreak of Corona Virus.

Wrapping it Up

These research topics can be effective for you to do a research on and write a dissertation. So what are you waiting for? Start making drafts and select your favorite and most interesting topic and leave a mark in the history!


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