Top 10 dissertation Topics on Corona Virus Pandemic for Ph.D. Students

Someone comes up to you in the middle of the road and asks you “hey, you are a Ph.D. student right? How you haven’t cured Corona Virus yet?”

What would you do?

You’ll just stand there speechless because how a random person would know that you are a Ph.D. student? Well, it’s because it’s just a dream you’re having because of all the stress you have taken because of the quarantine and your Ph.D. dissertation.

I know how hard it can be to study and research in this quarantine and stressful times. But you can take an advantage out of it and get an amazing Ph.D. dissertation topics on Corona Virus pandemic and leave your mark in history. Maybe your research can be beneficial in fighting Corona Virus, who knows?

If you are looking for some great and relevant and interesting dissertation topics on Corona Virus then you have discovered a gold mine because I have researched for hours and hours just to craft these amazing yet interesting dissertation topics!

Dissertation Topics for Ph.D. Students

Before I give you all of the outcomes of my research for the price of literally nothing. I want to tell you that all of these topics are legitimate and can be used the way I have mentioned them but you can also make changes and customize them according to your liking and interest!

So here are some free COVID-19 Ph.D. dissertation topics for you!

The analysis of mental health of COVID-19 survivors after being discharged.

AS you would have already noticed that there have been a lot of patients that have recovered and are healthy again. You can conduct a research on their behavior based on what their social behavior and habits were like before they were tested positive for the Corona Virus and compare it with their mental health after being recovered. Analyze the changes if they were negative or positive and what could be the possible reason behind the change.

Discuss how school closures are putting a significant strain on healthcare workers financially and mentally.

Schools being closed has taken a toll on all the parents but especially the healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others. Discuss how the school closures are effecting mentally as they have to take care of their kids as well as do their jobs. How disturbed their mental health is compared to the parents who don’t have to work due to the safety protocols?

Coronavirus Disease (COVID- 19): The Impact on Psychology of Sustainability, Sustainable Development, and Global Economy

You can discuss and compare global economy and development before and after the Corona Virus spread. Conduct an in-depth analysis on the noticeable impacts as well as the impacts that went unseen or unnoticed because they were very minor in nature. You can as compare two cities’ or two nations’/countries’ developments and economy before and after the spread of corona.

You can also use the researched information to come up with argument(s) or result(s) on what steps can be taken to make the situations better.

Nanotechnology solutions to mitigate COVID-19: protection, medication, and detection. The possible outcomes and results and their impacts

This is a very interesting topic in which you can discuss how nanotechnology can help fight COVID-19 by helping us detecting it, making the medication possible and more effective and protect others from getting infected by it.

What does the global coronavirus pandemic mean for ethnic and racial minorities?

Discuss how minorities are facing racial discrimination in first world countries during the Corona Virus spread. How they have been dealing with and what kind of steps they are taking against it. Is there any change in the discrimination they have been facing in a positive or negative way or is it same?  

Corona Virus disease (covid-19): the impact and role of mass media during the pandemic

A discussion based on how the mass media is helping or not helping with the fight against Corona Virus within the country/city or state of your choice. You can target one medium or compare between many and their impacts on a certain group based on age/sex/gender/ethnicity of your choice.

The role of technology against fighting Corona Virus globally

We all know that technology has been one of the biggest in fighting the Corona Virus but what kind of technology is helping the most and is being effective against fighting Corona Virus. You can include the technology that is directly helping with the fight against Corona Virus as well the technology that is indirectly helping such as 5G.

The Impact of innovations during covid-19, a silver lining or threat to patient safety?

Conduct a research on all sorts of innovations that surfaced during the Corona Virus outbreak and which ones are helping and which ones are a threat to the safety of Corona Virus positive patients as well as others.

Case study on how covid-19 affected the United Kingdom’s schools and what are the best possible ways to deal with the impacts?

The closure of schools around the world is taking a huge toll on education on students and our future developments as well. You can either discuss the effects particularly on the United Kingdom or any other country, city or state of your choice. You can further discuss how this lack of education can be over came by certain methods.

Analysis of how predicting mortality of COVID patients can help reduce the mortality rate

The mortality rate of Corona Virus is drastically high, conduct a research on how predicting the mortality rate can help the doctors prevent and lower the mortality rate. Discuss different methods and aspects that can help predict and prevent more causalities.

Wrapping it Up

These topics are no doubt amazing and can help you score high in your dissertation. But do keep in mind while choosing the topic that the topic should be within your and your professor’s interest as well. So if you have found your perfect topic then don’t waste any more time and start researching right now!

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