Top 10 Hollywood celebrities who’ve done courses from Harvard

Top 10 Hollywood celebrities who’ve done courses from Harvard

Top 10 Hollywood celebrities who’ve done courses from Harvard

Talk about beauty with brains! Just when I thought that these out of the world, glamorous celebrities couldn’t get any perfect – I found out about their exceptional academic success too. And not just ordinary academic achievements, but these phenomenally talented celebrities made it to Ivy League schools! While simultaneously building a highly rewarding career in Hollywood. I mean it is utterly incredible to have the best of both worlds! Below, I have listed the names of a few of the most prominent celebrities who made it to Harvard school. Get ready for major envy or inspiration, your call.  

1.  Conan O’ Brien (Class of 1985)

The famous comedian graduated with one of the highest honors, magna cum laude.  He devoted most of his academic life into writing an exceptionally unique thesis on, literary progeria. After graduation he started investing in comedy career, that is still hugely successfully – a massively divergent feat, that none of us ordinary students can even fathom to pull off. Imagine a comedian as acclaimed of Conan O’ Brien who could switch from a witty jester to a sagacious thesis writer. I mean I struggle to get out of bed on time and resort to online dissertation help to write my dissertation! Let alone crack decent jokes.

2.  Natalie Portman (Graduated in 2003)

A psychology major, director, activist, a published researcher in numerous scientific journals and of course an acclaimed Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman has bagged it all! Although, her career was very fulfilling, Portman, decided to pursue a degree from Harvard University in 1993. But just like us, Natalie Postman, confessed at her commencement speech as Harvard that she was battling with feelings of self-doubt and intimidation from her peers. Seems like we are not so different from these great idols after all.

3.  Rashida Jones (Class of 1994)

Even after graduating from Harvard, Rashida Jones is fiercely devoted to extending her help for the betterment of societies within the universities – these include the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, the Signet Society and the Black Students Association. Jones was always a diligent students and wanted to pursue a degree in law. She enrolled in Harvard University and took the four-year law course, until she decided to switch routes and try her luck at acting. She has been a hugely successfully actors and has had several other interests as well.

4.  Tommy Lee Jones (Graduated in 1969)

One of the oldest celebrity who graduated from Harvard University, Tommy Lee Jones, majored in English; with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. He also showed keen interest in football and made it to the varsity football team just before graduation. What’s more impressive is that, Jones, wrote a thesis on Mechanics of Catholicism! Imagine juggling extra-curricular activities and acing your thesis paper without any dissertation writing service! Tommy Lee is still respected as one of the alumnus in Harvard University – he started off with humble beginnings and made it big in Hollywood as well as excelled in his academic endeavors.

5.  Dean Norris (Graduated in 1985)

Popularly known for his character in Breaking Bad, Dean Norris, also graduated from Harvard University. He did not just get lucky with his acting career because he had the look of a cop, instead he was a phenomenal actor who could play characters ten years older than his age. He came from a lower middle class background and no one in his family had been to a college, let alone an Ivy League college. Once he graduated he had to make the choice of either pursuing a career in investing banking or in acting. We know he obviously picked the latter and thoroughly enjoyed it! Norris majored in social sciences at Harvard.

6.  Tyra Banks (Enrolled in 2011)

The entrepreneurial tycoon and queen of fashion industry, isn’t just a pretty face. Tyra Banks invested in getting a formal education in business from the best of best, Harvard Business School. Although it was just a diploma course, Banks says that it has helped her a lot with boosting her business. Although, there has been much controversy to her branding her OPM program diploma as a degree equivalent t Harvard’s more competitive MBA program. But knowing the great Miss Banks, she used this publicity in her favor to explain how the program had actually benefitted her instead of replying to the hatemongers. Now that’s one optimistic approach!  

7.  Matt Damon (Dropped out in 1992)

Although Matt Damon dropped out of Harvard while he was pursuing a degree in English, he was called back in honor of his acting career. He received the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal for his contribution to arts through the media industry.

8.  Stockard Channing (Graduated in 1965)

Channing studied at Radcliffe College, the all-male division of Harvard at that time. She was only nineteen and in her junior year when she discovered her creative streak and exceptionally outstanding acting and singing skills. With the coaxing of her batch-mates, she pursued her career in acting starting with minor roles in small films and sitcoms. She was a star student and majored in literature and history – before graduating as summa cum laude.

9.  Amy Brenneman (Graduated in 1987)

Following the footsteps of her mother who went Harvard Law School, Amy Brenneman studied in Harvard as well. She majored in comparative religion. She also started the Cornerstone Theatre Company at Harvard. Later she worked as an actor, writer and producer – expanding her previously learnt skills.  

10. Fred Gwynne (Graduated in 1951)

Late Fred Gwynne was a very artistic and high spirited man. He was a part of the Fly Club, joined the Adams House, member of the acapella group called Harvard Krokodiloes and was also a cartoonist for the Harvard Lampoon. Talk about being multitalented!

If these great stories of actors pursuing multiple interests did not motivate you, then I don’t know what will. Maybe it will be fun if you did not stick to one career path for financial security – instead went out experimenting with different things. Who knows where you next passion lies?