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Essays are one of, if not the most common assignment which students are required to write and submit. They are used to test a student’s course knowledge but also to test their writing skills and to see how they’ve grown as a student while testing their critical and analytical thinking skills.

Essays are very versatile and can be of many different types. These types can differ depending on the particular subject which the essay it is being written for, such as economics, business, management, biology or any other subject. It can also vary depending on the different types of essays, for example: narrative essays, descriptive essays, cause and effect essays, expository essays and more.

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Students, especially those studying in university don’t usually have a lot of free time on their hands. In most cases, they’re already short on time. There is a lot that students have to do since they have to attending classes, study for exams, maintain a social life and get a healthy amount of sleep.

All four of these are essential. Study and education is every student’s priority but they need to maintain a social life and take some time to relax and de-stress as studying can be very stressful. They also need to get a healthy amount of sleep otherwise it can be damaging for their mental and physical health.

This is generally very difficult and students usually struggle to keep up with everything. They usually have to sacrifice on sleep or their social life as education is the priority of every student and cannot be compromised upon.

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  • Not having the time: Sometimes students just do not have the time available to do their assignments on their own due to other commitments such as exams.
  • Deadline too close: University students love to procrastinate instead of doing something. A lot of the time this, or any other reason, causes them to be too late in starting on their essays.
  • Not good at the subject: A lot of the time, students struggle with one subject and all the assignments and essays related to that subject.
  • Being unfamiliar with the essay format: Often times students are required to write in a particular format or write a particular type of essay and students might not be familiar with it so they might need help.
  • Wanting to secure good grades: Students often are unsure of how their assignment will fare and they want or need to secure a decent grade. To ensure this they might get a professionally written essay.
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