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Education Technology Dissertation Topics


Technology, the only thing in the world with no decline in sight. Even when the Covid-19 reached its peak and every industry came spiraling down. Technology has been making its way onto the top. Before this situation, technology and education had their meeting points. But after the pandemic, they have bounded together for good.

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What Is New In Educational Technology?

Before you land your decision on the topic of education technology dissertation, remember these key points. These key points are emphasizing the newest educational technology trends. Don’t work on things from the past but set your gazes on the future.

eLearning: The worldwide common way of teaching students nowadays. Through the use of laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones, education is now provided to students in their homes.

Blockchain Technology: A storage hub for all educational information. With every new piece of knowledge, a new ‘block’ of information is placed, making the database limitless.

Artificial Intelligence: Now the biggest commonly used method for the testing system. Complex exams patterns are easily made by AI and grading has become effortless.

Gamification: The process of learning has been combined with video gaming. Students can play video games and gain knowledge all at the same time.

Virtual Reality: Is being frequently used in training programs. The medical field is especially getting the best from this technology.

Augmented Reality: Real-world images are easily enhanced by this technological equipment. Now medical students can easily get the hands-on experience that wasn’t possible before.

Learning Through Social Media: Many social media platforms have been reformed to assist the educational process. Multiple courses are being introduced and even sharing of educational material has become easier.

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What Are Some Good Structural Engineering Dissertation Topics?


In the 21st century, technological advancement has expanded and broadened the way of communication globally. Besides, it has impacted on our every aspect of life including education, bus. In the educational sector, the role of technological advancement cannot be neglected, and it has played an important role in enhancing the learning and teaching skills.

Traditionally, the engagement and communication of teachers with students were only limited within the classrooms or building. However today, technological advancement has enabled the teachers to collaborate and communicate with students by using different tools such as social media. Social media has become a common in every educational sector, and it provides an opportunity for the teachers and students to communicate and share their thoughts and ideas on a different post and group discussions.

Moreover, it also allows the students to share their viewpoints and queries and with the teacher and other students as well. However, these technological advancement has both positive and negative effects on the education.

Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: A comparative study between the nursing performance and general post-operative patients in the UK.

Aims and Objectives The aim of this research is to determine technological advancement and how its effect on the academic performance of students. Hence, to accomplish the aim the objectives of this study are as follows.

Topic 2: The Use of Social Media in the Education sector of the UK

Aims and Objectives The aim of this study is to examine the use of social media in the education sector. Here, the major focus of this research is to evaluate the implementation of social media in schools and colleges. Hence, to accomplish the aim the objectives of this study are as follows.

Topic 3: The rise of online learning amid Covid-19 – A study of the Education Sectors of the UK

Aims and Objectives The aim of this research is to identify the rise of online learning in the different education sectors, during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, to achieve this aim the objectives of this research are the following.

Topic 4: Critical Examination of Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Learning

Aims and Objectives The aim of this study is to critically examine the challenges and opportunities in digital learning. To accomplish the process of this aim the objectives are given as under:

Topic 5: Influence of Social Networking sites on University students – A Case of the UK Students

Aims and Objectives of the study The aim of this research is to determine the use of social networking and how its influence on the university students. Hence, to accomplish the aim the objectives of this study are as follows.

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Topic 6: Massive growth of Zoom application in the education sector, amid Covid-19

Aims and Objectives of Study This study aim is to identify the growth of Zoom application in education during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. To achieve the aim of this study, the following objectives are created.

Topic 7: Ed-Tech Learning during the Crises and Its Role in facilitating the children learning

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of this study is to build an understanding of the utilisation of Ed-Tech and how it facilitates the children in learning during the period of crises. Hence, to achieve this the aim the objectives of this research are the following.

Topic 8: How important is Technology in teaching student of primary education: Case study of the UK Primary Institutes

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of this study is to identify the importance of technology in teaching student of primary education in the UK. Hence, to achieve this aim the objectives of this research are the following.

Topic 9: Constraints for Students and Teachers in Using Technology for the Educational Purpose

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of this research is to identify the constraint for students and teachers in using technology for the purpose of education. Hence, to achieve this aim the objectives of this research are the following.

Topic 10: Moving beyond the predictable failure of Ed-Tech initiatives

Aims and Objectives of Study The aim of this study is to assess the role of Ed-Tech and why it leads to failure in the learning process. To achieve the aim of the research following objectives have been established.

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