Latest and Best Tourism Dissertation Topics 2024

As a tourism student, you will need to learn the fundamentals of tourism, hospitality, and event management. Tourism-related concerns include, but are not limited to, medical, money, culture, geography, and others. We understand that selecting the correct tourism research topics might be difficult.

As a result, our authors have compiled a list of example of thesis title about tourism ideas. These issues are recent, topical, and exploratory enough to warrant a thorough research investigation.

We may even tailor tourism research topics to your specific need. So, look through our selection of dissertation topics, pick one that interests you, and let us know if you need any assistance from our writers.

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Latest Hospitality and Tourism Research Topics and Ideas

What distinguishes our list of tourism research topics is its customized approach. We recognize that your academic advantages and ambitions are unique. As a result, our writers are happy to make changes based on your specific needs.

Whether you’re interested in managing the travel industry, social legacy, or the financial impact of the travel industry, our list provides a diverse range of options. Let’s discover hospitality and tourism management research topics and more.

Best Topics for Tourism Research for Bachelors Students:

  1. A Case Study on the Influence of Social Media on Tourist Decision-Making
  2. Cultural Festivals’ Role in Promoting Local Tourism
  3. Examining the Impact of Online Travel Agencies on Tourist Decisions
  4. A Comparison of Popular Tourist Destinations’ Sustainable Tourism Practices
  5. The Impact of Technology on Theme Park Visitor Experiences
  6. A Case Study of Community Involvement in Ecotourism
  7. Tourism and Economic Development

Tourism Dissertation Topics Examples and Ideas for Masters Students:

  1. A Comparative Analysis of European Capitals’ Destination Marketing Strategies
  2. The Impact of Tourism Infrastructure Development on Regional Economies
  3. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Tourist Perceptions of Safety and Security
  4. The Role of Tourism in Cultural Heritage Preservation: A Case Study
  5. Examining Medical Tourism Trends and Challenges Worldwide
  6. Tourism and Sustainable Development: A Policy Integration Framework

Example of Thesis Title about Tourism for PhD Students

  1. Co-Creation of Tourism Experiences: A Multidimensional Analysis
  2. Destination Leadership’s Role in Sustainable Tourism Governance
  3. A Framework for Understanding Tourism and Cross-Cultural Communication
  4. A Longitudinal Study of the Psychological Aspects of Tourist Decision-Making
  5. Tourism and Environmental Conservation
  6. Integrating Cultural Identity for Competitive Advantage in Destination Branding

Best Hospitality and Tourism Topics for All Students

A systematic evaluation of the literature on scientific research in the market for health tourism


The aim of this study is to give a thorough overview of the most recent scientific studies on the health tourism industry.


  • To recognise and classify important topics and trends in research on health tourism.
  • To evaluate the methodological rigour of relevant studies.
  • To identify research gaps and potential locations for health tourism.

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    A survey of the literature shows that a chef’s skill is a crucial component of food tourism success.


    The purpose of this study is to investigate the value of a skilled chef in thriving in the culinary tourism industry.


    • To examine how chefs may improve the culinary tourist experience.
    • To determine the qualities and abilities that make a chef productive in the field of culinary tourism.
    • To evaluate how chef competency affects destination competitiveness and consumer pleasure.

    A case study of pesindon, indonesia’s batik tourism village, detecting the impact of social culture and value changes


    The aim of the research is to examine the effects of batik tourism village growth on society and culture, with a particular emphasis on Pesindon, Indonesia.


    • To evaluate the impact on the local residents and their culture of the construction of the batik tourism village.
    • To determine how the value and perception of batik as a cultural legacy have changed in relation to tourism.
    • To share knowledge about batik tourism villages’ management and sustainability.

    Views on sustainability in travel and hospitality: a mixed-method bibliometric analysis


    The aim of this research is to examine how the tourist and hospitality sectors view sustainability by applying a mixed-method bibliometric approach.


    • To examine how sustainability ideas and themes have changed over time in scholarly writing.
    • To determine the opinions of important stakeholders regarding sustainability in the travel and hospitality industry.
    • To evaluate the status of the field’s research on sustainable practises and how they affect business.

    Development of tourism in the United Kingdom through the potential of cultural, historical, and tourism heritage


    The aim of the research is to evaluate the unrealized potential of cultural, historical, and tourism assets for the expansion of travel to the kingdom.


    • To determine and catalogue the historical and cultural resources in the UK that could be developed for tourism.
    • To examine the obstacles that have prevented these resources from being used for tourism.
    • To make suggestions and tactics for utilising culturally and historically significant assets to promote travel.

    What distinguishes COVID-19 from earlier crises? A comparison of research on health-related crises in the context of travel and hospitality


    The purpose of this study is to contrast COVID-19’s distinct features and effects on the travel and hospitality sector with those of earlier health-related emergencies.


    • To examine and compile the body of research on COVID-19’s and previous health crises’ implications on travel and hospitality.
    • To draw attention to the unique characteristics of COVID-19 as a crisis inside the business.
    • To shed light on COVID-19 pandemic-specific crisis management techniques.

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    Tourist location image derived from online user-generated tourist content


    The aim of this research is to investigate how internet user-generated content influences the perceptions of tourist regions.


    • To evaluate user-generated content’s kinds and content in relation to different travel locations
    • To evaluate how user-generated content affects the opinions and choices of prospective tourists.
    • To offer destination marketing suggestions based on user-generated material found online.

    Research agenda: family enterprises in the tourism sector


    The aim of this research is to present a research agenda that centres on family-owned firms in the tourism sector.


    • To determine the main areas of interest and unmet research needs in relation to family-run tourist enterprises.
    • To investigate the difficulties and chances that family-run firms in the travel industry confront.
    • To suggest future study directions that can support the expansion and sustainability of family-run tourist businesses.

    Dark Tourism and Its Social Implications


    The aim of the research is to examine the reasons behind dark tourism and the moral and societal implications that occur.


      • To examine why visitors choose to visit places associated with dark tourism, such as abandoned jails and prisons, war landmarks, and catastrophe sites.
      • To analyze how dark tourism affects the representation of historical events and local populations.
      • To examine the moral implications of dark tourism and destination management’s accountability.

    The Role of Tourist Behavior in Sustainable Tourism Development


    The aim of the study is to examine the connection between visitor behavior and the viability of tourism sites.


        • To examine how visitors feel and act in relation to eco-friendly travel strategies.
        • To analyze how visitor demographics affect sustainable decisions and actions.
        • To provide strategies to promote ethical and sustainable travel practices.

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