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Innovation Management Dissertation Topics


If you are a part of an innovation management degree program then you must possess great imagination. From creatively planning and inventively supervising, everything will go wrong if you don’t think out of the box. For this reason, you start sharpening your skills from the very beginning of the innovation management program.

You’ll have to make use of creative ways to become successful in your future. But before you can step into that realm, there is one hurdle you need to jump first, the innovation management degree program. And you will need every drop of creative juices to successfully oil your way through it.

How artistic ways will help you in the innovation management program? In the selection of innovation management dissertation topic! Remember, even the name of the course is demanding innovation!

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What Are The Key Aspects Of Innovation Management?

How going through the key aspects will benefit you? Remember when you forget some piece of information but recalling from the beginning makes you quickly recollect it? Well, let’s jog up your thought process by going through that motion.

And hopefully, this will instantly light up the bulb of imagination that was losing its spark!

The seven key aspects of innovation management are:


Context: Tracking external trends and factors to identify challenges and opportunities of innovation.

Leadership: A great leadership to guide a company through the process of innovation.

Planning: Designing the creative objectives and strategies to direct a company toward further innovation.

Support: Finding the relevant support in the form of financial resources, tools, and competent employees that will aid in the innovation of a company.

Operations: Successfully implementing the innovative planning with the help of support system.

Evaluation: Inspecting the performance of the whole innovative management system to identify the strengths and weaknesses.

Improvement: Upgrading the system according to the discovered strengths and weaknesses. So, the company can thrive further.

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Advantages of Innovation Adaptation

Innovation is believed to be the advent of new things and an embodiment or synthesis of knowledge in valued new product or services. The concept of innovation allows businesses to grow exponentially while experiencing increase in revenue and profit.

Innovation management is the process of managing the innovation, which helps in organising the stages of the innovation cycle. The cycle starts off with the generation of an idea to its design and finally communicating it to the customers. Moreover, it creates long-lasting benefits for the organisations, giant companies like General Electric, DuPont, and P&G; all have optimized their innovation methodologies over the years and managed them exceptionally well.

The management of innovation allows a smooth transformation from traditional and conventional management principles to innovative business practices. Moreover, this domain helps to set clear goals and lay plans for future which will encourage aligned efforts towards a common goal.

What are some Good Innovation Management Dissertation Topics?

Topic 1: A critical examination of innovation management among organisations among a digital world in developed economies

Aims and Objectives

To investigate the critical analysis of innovation management held under organisations in relation to digitalisation in developed nations.

Objectives of the study

Topic 2: An assessment of the influence of innovation management among healthcare sector of UK

Aims and Objectives

To analyse the implications of innovation management under healthcare industry of UK.

Objectives of the study

Topic 3: A study for understanding the ways under which corporate innovations generates shareholders confidence: A case study for organisations to implement tactical innovation management

Aims and Objectives

To analyse the nature of the ways in which corporate innovations generates shareholders confidence by implementing tactical innovations management.

Objectives of the study

Topic 4: A systematic study for examining the marketing innovations management under the context of collaborative enterprise development.

Aims and Objectives

To gauge the impact of marketing innovations management with regards to collaborative enterprise developments

Objectives of the study

Topic 5: Analysing the role of innovation management under hospitality industry towards human resource practices

Aims of the study

To examine the nature of innovation management in hospitality industry taking into account human resource practices

Objectives of the study

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Topic 6: A critical analysis of innovation Management in the UK manufacturing sector

Aims of the study

To analyse the innovation management as a core element in the structure and development of UK manufacturing sector

Objectives of the study

Topic 7: A systematic study on devising framework for managing innovation in entrepreneurship market

Aims of the study

To demonstrate the principles and strategies significant in developing a framework which assesses innovation management progress in UK entrepreneurship market?

Objectives of the study

Topic 8: A correlative study of the ICT based innovation and its management principles

Aims of the study

To improve the understanding of innovation in ICT sector and evaluate the management principles of ICT-enabled innovation in the economy.

Objectives of the study

Topic 9: Developing the framework for implementing strategic corporate innovation management

Aims of the study

To develop a concrete framework in order to implement the innovation management goals and contribute to the current innovation literature.

Objectives of the study

Topic 10: Challenges to implementing innovation management in emerging economies

Aims of the study

To assemble the collective knowledge on the development processes and policies in emerging economies and challenges to implementing innovation management.

Objectives of the study

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Latest 2021 & 2022 Innovation Management Dissertation Topics