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For students who are currently searching for dissertation help online, we bring them complete solutions for their thesis and dissertations by being their Thesis Helper. Our team of expert writers is well versed with the complete technicalities involved in how to write a dissertation.

We are amongst the most well-known online services in the United Kingdom and on a global scale for students facing issues with their thesis and dissertations. We do not only craft their dissertations from scratch, but offer them free features and online consultancy unlike any other service on the World Wide Web. This is why we are renowned as amongst the best kind of cheap dissertation writing services.

What differentiates us from other services online is that we have made available the provision for “Free Consultancy Online”, from which; you as a student can speak with an experienced Thesis Helper and resolve away any confusions you may have. We have a team of qualified writers and subject matter experts, available at your service. Our Research Departments and Quality Control Departments are divided according to the Subject and Field, each headed by a PhD Writer and Editor.

Let us introduce you to our Research Heads, for the different subjects.

  1. Dr. Gertrude Wilson

  • PhD Human Resource Management from Keele University

Hello, Dr. Gertrude Wilson is available at your service to teach you all there is to know about Human Resource Management. I had joined The Dissertation Help as a Junior Academic Writer when it was first initiated, and completed my PhD in Human Resource Management from Keele University along the way.

I am currently heading the Research Department concerned with dissertations in Human Resource Management, and for students who need assistance such as in defending their thesis; I am more than happy in providing free online consultancy!

  1. Dr. Angelica Robertson

  • PhD in Finance from University of East Anglia

Wishing you all good health and grades of course! My name is Dr. Angelica Robertson and I hold a PhD in Finance from the University of East Anglia. As apparent, I am heading the Research Department dealing with Finance Dissertation Writing Service.

Public Finance or Private Finance, I am there with my vast pool of knowledge to help you out in any Finance topic that troubles you. I will guide you from A-Z on how to defend your Finance dissertation and how to ace the number game as well!

  1. Dr. Franklin James

  • PhD in Marketing from University of Dundee

Marketing students! Get hands on the best practical advice from Dr. Franklin James; PhD in Marketing from the esteemed University of Dundee. Not only do I have the qualifications, I also possess practical marketing experience which readily helps me in guiding students studying marketing. I am leading the Research Department concerned with Marketing.

The field has grown rather vast, and many students still face issues in moving from the conventional marketing methods to the modern-day digital based methods. My expertise extends in all domains of marketing, and I am here to guide you for your Marketing dissertations from head to toe.

  1. Dr. Rafael Watson

  • PhD Business Economics and Finance from Aston University

From economic models to macroeconomics, public finance to personal finance, operations management to organizational psychology; I, Dr. Rafael Watson am here to assist you in your dissertations. I acquired my PhD in Business Economics and Finance and I am readily heading the Research Department that deals with dissertations in Economics and Finance.

Other than my academic qualifications, I have years of experience working in the pertinent field, which proves to be of great help in guiding students with case studies and data collection. I am well aware of the common issues students have in this domain, which is why I opted to be a Thesis Helper so that students can wipe away their confusions, at no cost at all!

  1. Dr. Serena Thompson

  • PhD in Literature, Drama and Creative Writing from University of East Anglia

There is a lot of scope now in Literature and Arts, and as such, I Dr. Serena Thompson has opted to be a Thesis Helper for students seeking help in English Literature dissertations. I have studied other Arts and Humanities disciples as well, and I am well aware of the woes of a Humanities or Arts student.

Students can actively reach me out for crafting their complex dissertations, and learn more on how they can contribute to the world of Humanities and Arts with my practical and analytical guidance.

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