Latest and Best Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topics, Titles, and Ideas

Dissertation writing is one of the most intimidating forms of academic projects for students and rightly so because their future depends upon it. Not only their academic grades are determined through this form of research work but it also helps them in their professional careers. In dissertation writing everything is important varying from the topic selection to the literature review to the methodology, and so on.

What is quantity surveying dissertations?

Quantity surveying is the degree that acknowledges students about cost planning and management. This is the degree that prepares the students to excel in the sector of construction and management. This coursework acknowledges the students with the following topics and skills that prove to be helpful in their area of study;

  • It provides knowledge in cost planning, procurement processes, and construction management.
  • It imparts an understanding of health & safety, legal, financial, political, as well economic issues.
  • It teaches numerical skills and a problem-solving attitude.
  • It develops analytical and data interpretation skills.
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution skills are also strengthened.
  • Confidence to manage a business, IT literacy, and presentation skills are a few other skills that students get to learn through this degree.

As quantity surveying covers various aspects and factors of the related sector so it also provides the chance to pick from the diverse range of quantity surveying dissertation topics. However; this does not mean that it is easy to find suitable topics for your dissertation because a dissertation topics must have the following attributes;

  • A quantity surveying dissertation must be precise and concise.
  • It must be giving a clear picture and be vivid in nature.
  • It must have a scope of conducting thorough and extensive research.
  • It must not be narrow that it will be difficult to find sources for the research purposes.
  • It must be an original idea and practical as well.

You must be wondering if it is better said than done because it is not that easy to find such quantity surveying dissertation topics that fit into the above-mentioned qualities. However, this post ain’t only going to advise but also going to suggest some of the best topics for your quantity survey dissertations.

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    The importance of quantity surveying thesis topics:

    While you are on the quest of looking for some exceptional quantity surveying dissertation topics; you must also be familiar with the importance of these topics as well so that you will give your best to find the topic for your dissertation project.

    • It is the dissertation topic that is going to be the deciding factor of whether your dissertation is worthy to give a read or not.
    • The whole material or content of the dissertation depends upon the selected dissertation topic.
    • Wisely selected quantity surveying thesis topics reflects the clarity that the students have in their respective area of study.
    • Your selected dissertation topic is going to be helpful in your professional career as well so choose the one that is relevant to your area of interest.

    Can quantity surveying dissertation examples prove to be helpful?

    Yes; the examples or samples of quantity surveying research works can prove to be quite very helpful for students who are yet to write their dissertations. These quantity surveying dissertation examples can assist the students by giving them an idea and guidelines to write my dissertation like the formation of structure, the writing style, and tone that must be maintained, etc.

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    Best quantity surveying topics for dissertations with aims & objectives:

    The below-mentioned quantity surveying thesis topics are some of the best and carefully selected. Hopefully; it will help the students in writing successful dissertations;

    1.An insight into the analysis of risk management in building construction projects:

    You might find many building surveying dissertation examples in related areas of study but this takes a slight unique turn as it gives an insight into the process of risk management in building construction projects.

    Aims and objectives:

    You can aim at the following aspects in the selected quantity surveying dissertation topic:

    • Identification of the key risks that examine the risk analysis and risk management processes in building projects like financial risks, legal risks, management risks, and so on.
    • Presenting the practical ways to mitigate the potential risks by response planning.

    2.A review of the amortization technique for control cost purposes in construction projects:

    Such quantity surveying dissertation ideas will prove to be beneficial for the construction industry by suggesting a technique for the better financial performance of construction projects.

    Aims and objectives:

    The following points can be set as the aims and objectives of this particular dissertation:

    • The evaluation of the process of advance payment and the corresponding amortization plan as an integral part of financial management in the construction Industry.
    • The assessment of the amortization plan and its relativity to the project performance for control cost purposes.

    3.The analysis of the life expectancy of a building after construction:

    Many quantity surveying dissertation examples in cost management can be seen but there is not much work done in the given topic. So; a student can aim for this topic and conduct thorough research on it.

    Aims and objectives:

    The following points can be taken as aims and objectives of this research work:

    • The evaluation of the role of the service life of materials and components.
    • The assessment of the required techniques that are accessible, and the role of the Factor Method in this whole process.
    • The evaluation of methodologies with the estimation of the risk as well as the eventual failure at different stages in the building process.

    4.The discussion of the approaches for project management in mega construction projects of developing countries:

    This is one of those thesis topics for quantity surveying that touches on the subject of big construction projects in developing countries

    Aims and objectives:

    The following objectives can form the basis of the dissertation:

    • The identification of the effective project management approaches adopted in successful mega construction projects in developing countries.
    • The identification of critical success factors; that are specific to mega construction projects within the context of developing countries.

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    5.The adoption of current technology in construction management:

    This is one of those dissertation topics for quantity surveying that must be discussed and researched as much as possible because it will lead this area of study to newer heights.

    Aims and objectives:

    The following aims and objectives can be set as the basis of this research work:

    • The examination of the influences of technology in improving the directions of construction processes.
    • The identification of the impact of technology on the design and project management, of the construction projects.

    6.The administration of contracts in building management:

    You might have seen many similar thesis topics for quantity surveying still it is important t conduct more research in this area for better insight.

    Aims and objectives:

    The following aims and objectives will set the tone of this dissertation topic:

    • The selection of the contract type according to the nature of the project management.
    • The influence of the contract type on project management.
    • The identification of the way to correctly format the contract type.

    7.The exploration of the health and safety implementation motivators in the construction industry;

    This is yet another one of the crucial dissertation topics for quantity surveying in which the impact of the health and safety department on the construction industry can be explored.

    Aims and objectives:

    This dissertation can aim at the following objectives and goals:

    • The aim of the current study is to classify the drivers behind health and safety implementation in the construction industry.
    • The identification of the need to manage hazards; organizations regarding health and safety plus compliance with the legislation emerged as the most important drivers.

    8.Quantity surveying role in Construction Projects:

    You might find many quantity surveying dissertation ideas for your research works yet this is one of the least discussed topics probably because it is too basic. So; you can pick this topic for your research study.

    Aims and objectives:

    There can be many aims and objectives for this topic because it is not that specific but the addition of too many ideas can confuse the reader which is why it is better to stick to two to three aims and objectives at most, like:

    • The main objective of this study can be to provide information as a general overview of quantity surveying to achieve the best quality and value within the client’s specifications.
    • The evaluation of some important moments of quantity surveying like variation orders, bills of quantities, and construction waste management.
    • The provision of new opportunities to create secure platforms which render the project to be more advanced.

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    9.A look into construction in earthquake or any other natural disaster-prone areas:

    Among many building surveying dissertation examples; this is one of the least discussed. However; it is high time to conduct research on the related topics because of the increasing amount of earthquakes.

    Aims and objectives:

    The content of the dissertation can rely upon the following aims and objectives:

    • To foster interdisciplinary teaching and research related to natural, man-made, and technological disasters.
    • To ensure that the disciplines of earth sciences like engineering, architecture, risk-based urban planning, statistics, economics, business administration, environmental and industrial engineering, and communal psychology/sociology must be made to work together.

    10. Analyzing the importance of sustainability in modern-day quantity surveying processes:

    This is the dissertation topic that is the need of the hour because of the growing global warming.

    Aims and objectives:

    The aims and objectives of the given topic can be:

    • To assess the efforts that the quantity surveyors put in order to implement sustainability within their profession.
    • To improve sustainability in the construction industry by recommending new strategies and tools.
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