List of Best Google Scholar Research Topics and Ideas for Bachelor, Maters and PhD Students

Google Scholar was created to help scholars in their search for academic books, journals, and other academic materials. It is a powerful search engine that may be used to find new google scholar thesis topics and the most recent breakthroughs in a wide range of academic subjects.

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Google Scholar Thesis Topics Ideas for UK Students in 2024

We’ll cover science, technology, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities issues, among others. We’ll also go over how to utilize Google Scholar to explore relevant material and discover new ideas.

Google Scholar Thesis Topics for Bachelor:

  1. A Google Scholar Review on the Effects of Social Media on Academic Performance in Students
  2. A Case Study Approach to Investigating Sustainable Agriculture Practices in Developing Countries
  3. Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Improving E-Learning Platforms
  4. Examining the Link between Physical Activity and Mental Health in College Students
  5. The Impact of Smartphone Use on Undergraduate Study Habits and Concentration
  6. Evaluating the Capability of Online Learning Platforms to Close Educational Gaps

Google Scholar Research Proposal Topics for Masters:

  1. A Google Scholar Meta-Analysis of Strategic Management in Global Business
  2. A Systematic Review of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Digital Transformation
  3. Investigating Cross-Cultural Leadership Issues in Multinational Organizations
  4. The Influence of Big Data Analytics on Marketing Strategies: A Case Study Overview of Google Scholar
  5. Investigating the Connection Between Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement
  6. A Review of the Literature on the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Effectiveness

Google Scholar Research Topics in Psychology for PhD Level:

Following are the Google Scholar dissertation topics in psychology for PhD students.

  1. A Google Scholar Investigation of the Neurobiological Correlates of Mindfulness Meditation
  2. A Ph.D. Investigation of the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adult Mental Health
  3. Cross-Cultural Differences in Emotion Perception and Expression
  4. A Comprehensive Review on Google Scholar
  5. Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
  6. A Google Scholar Synthesis of Current Research on the Role of Sleep Patterns on Cognitive Functioning

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Best Google Scholar Dissertation Topics For All Students

If you are looking for latest or evergreen Google Scholar dissertation topics along with aims and objectives then these research topics will serve you the best! These can be used on any academic level for free.

Analyzing the Impact: A Bibliometric Study of Influential Journal Papers in School Psychology:


The aim of this research is to gain insight into the influential works that have affected the field of school psychology, this study will compile and analyse the most frequently cited journal papers in the area.


  • To develop a thorough collection of journal papers in the area of school psychology.
  • To identify the publications that have been cited the most by using Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science.
  • To evaluate the traits and significance of the recognised citation classics.
  • To examine any differences or discrepancies in the number of citations between the three databases.

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    Evaluating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare Accessibility in Low-Income Countries:


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate how healthcare results and accessibility in low-income nations can be enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


    • To examine the accessibility and infrastructure of healthcare in a few low-income nations as it stands today.
    • To determine whether AI tools and applications are appropriate for improving healthcare in environments with limited resources.
    • To evaluate the impact of AI-driven healthcare interventions on patient outcomes, overall system efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
    • To examine the moral, legal, and social ramifications of using AI in healthcare in certain situations.

    What academic search engines are appropriate for doing systematic reviews or meta-analyses? comparing the retrieval capabilities of PubMed and Google Scholar:


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate and contrast Google Scholar and PubMed’s usefulness as academic search engines for conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


    • To systematically go over and evaluate the Google Scholar and PubMed search results for a particular study topic.
    • To compare both systems’ search results’ relevancy, recall, and precision.
    • To offer advice to scholars on the best academic search engine to use based on their objectives.

    The future of nursing scholars programme of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:


    The aim of this study is to investigate and comprehend the experiences of scholars taking part in the Future of Nursing Scholars Programme of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


    • To collect qualitative data from programme participants through surveys or interviews.
    • To find recurring themes and patterns in the experiences of the students.
    • To offer analysis and suggestions for enhancing the programme or guiding comparable initiatives.

    Using Google Scholar as a resource to open full-text research article sources: a helpful resource for researchers in places where access to scientific material is limited:


    The purpose of this study is to determine the value of Google Scholar as a resource for researchers in areas with poor access to scientific literature, particularly as a way to find free, full-text publications that are open to the public.


    • To assess the availability of open-access research articles included in Google Scholar is one of the goals.
    • To evaluate Google Scholar’s efficiency in directing scholars to full-text sources.
    • To offer suggestions on how to use Google Scholar to increase access to scientific publications for researchers and institutions.

    Comparison of citation coverage across multiple disciplines using Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic:


    The aim of this research is to identify the best coverage by comparing the coverage of various multidisciplinary research databases, such as Google Scholar, and Microsoft Academic.


    • To evaluate each of the chosen databases’ level of academic literature coverage across several disciplines.
    • To investigate how these databases differ and overlap in terms of citation information.
    • To determine each database’s possible advantages and disadvantages in terms of citations from various fields.
    • To offer information about the accuracy and thoroughness of assessments of citation-based research made across these platforms.

    Sustainable Urban Planning through Vertical Farming: A Comparative Analysis of Global Megacities:


    The purpose of this study is to investigate the viability and sustainability of vertical farming as a way to address issues with food security and urban planning in global megacities.


    • To evaluate the current situation of food security and urban agriculture in a few megacities on several continents.
    • To examine the effects of vertical farming on the environment, the economy, and society, taking into account land usage and resource efficiency in urban settings.
    • To analyze the legal and policy environments in various cities that either facilitate or obstruct the installation of vertical farming.

    Evaluating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare Accessibility in Low-Income Countries:


    The purpose of this study is to investigate how blockchain technology might improve global supply chains’ traceability, sustainability, and transparency.


    • To Select and classify a wide range of businesses and sectors for in-depth case studies on the integration of blockchain technology into supply chain management.
    • To examine how blockchain technology affects sustainability measures such as waste and carbon footprint reductions, traceability, and transparency in the supply chain.
    • To analyze the difficulties, expenses, and advantages of integrating blockchain technology into supply chains.

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    The use of Google Scholar for searching grey literature and its use in evidence reviews:


    This study aims to clarify Google Scholar’s use in evidence reviews, with a focus on how well it may be used to search for and retrieve grey literature.


    • To evaluate Google Scholar’s effectiveness in discovering sources of grey literature important to the synthesis of evidence.
    • To evaluate the thoroughness and specificity of Google Scholar search results for grey literature.
    • To determine methods for enhancing grey literature searches on Google Scholar.
    • To assess the possible advantages and disadvantages of integrating Google Scholar into the search for grey literature used for evidence reviews.
    • To offer advice on how Google Scholar should be used for retrieving grey literature and combining evidence.

    Is Google Scholar’s coverage sufficient to be utilised only for systematic reviews?:


    The purpose of this study is to establish whether Google Scholar’s coverage is adequate to support its exclusive usage in performing systematic reviews in a range of fields.


    • To evaluate Google Scholar’s coverage in terms of obtaining pertinent literature for systematic reviews.
    • To contrast Google Scholar’s coverage with that of other reputable databases that are frequently utilised in systematic studies.
    • To examine any biases and gaps in the literature that was only obtained through Google Scholar.
    • To investigate the effects on research quality and bias of using only Google Scholar for systematic reviews.
    • To make suggestions for researchers regarding the proper use of Google Scholar for searches for systematic reviews.

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