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    A thesis is basically an elongated research paper which has to be submitted at the end of your academic degree program. Students are usually familiar with the concept of writing research papers by the time they reach towards the end of their Bachelor level education. While the length and the level of research may vary according to the degree program, the structure of the thesis remains more or less the same.

    Chapter of Thesis What Is Included In The Chapter Weightage It Carries
    1 Introduction Research aims , research objectives and research questions 10%
    2 Critical Literature Review Critical evaluation of the existing literature of the topic. 30%
    3 Methodologies Methods used to gather research. 10%
    4 Data Analysis/Findings Overview of results from research. 30%
    5 Conclusions Justification of the research conducted. 10%
    6 Recommendations Recommendations for future research in filling any kind of research gaps. 10%

    As the table demonstrates, a thesis consists of five core chapters, each of which carries their own significant weightage. In either case, students need thesis writing help so as to be able to complete their assigned thesis with ease.

    Here we have explained in detail how each chapter is structured chronologically in a thesis:

    The Abstract

    The Abstract is written before the introduction and includes substantial description of whatever work you have done. The purpose of writing this is to provide a quick overview for your supervisor or professor or any reader, so that they can get an accurate summary of your overall work and research. It does not serve as the Introduction, which is a separate chapter, but rather as a preamble and is hence written at the end once the thesis is completely written.

    The Acknowledgements

    The Acknowledgements section ought to consist of a note of thanks or gratitude to all the people who poured in their support, as well as groups or institutions, from where the writer of the thesis was able to garner support and assistance. It should not or usually does not exceed more than a page in length.

    It is best to confirm with the university regarding the requirements for this particular section.

    The Table of Contents

    The Table of Contents is prevalent in all kinds of documents in the world, as you have to provide an organised listing of the major sections and chapters of your thesis. It allows the reader to be able to redirect from chapter to chapter at a much more rapid pace, and also gives the thesis a neat outlook.

    The Introduction

    The Introduction should start with some background on the topic and include its history, and move on towards how you arrived on selecting this topic. Then you should include your research questions, and then the research objectives that you hope to achieve with this thesis.

    The Critical Literature Review

    The Critical Literature Review seeks to analyse the existing literature of the topic, and identify the research gaps and what previous developments have been made on the topic. Gradually, the student details what kind of research gaps have made it necessary for the topic to be researched upon.


    The Methodologies consist of whatever methods you have used to carry out research for your thesis, which basically comprise of qualitative and quantitative research. It is best to make use of both methods, rather than relying on a single one.

    The Data Analysis/Findings

    The Data Analysis/Findings section employs a crucial role as you need to detail whatever findings you have gathered from your research, and what analysis do they provide.

    The Conclusion

    The Conclusions section should serve as the last part of the thesis, concluding it with a summary and justification of the research that has been conducted and what benefits that research will reap for academia. Students may need thesis writing help to wind up their thesis in an acceptable manner.

    The Recommendations

    The Recommendations consist of any further suggestions that the student wishes to give regarding the topic, such as what further research gaps should be filled and the research that should be conducted on filling those gaps.

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    How to identify if the topic is researchable?

    While choosing a topic for you thesis, make sure to have an analysis before-hand. If the topic has had past studies then it is a researchable topic. Considering it of your interest; make sure to choose a topic that clicks your ideas so that it is easier to work on.

    Is it important for the topic to be interesting for audience?

    To identify the answer of this question, you must know the audience of your study pretty well. Different age grouos have different thinkings. In general, a research should never be boring and it should create an interest in the reader’s mind. Make sure to write your study in a creative manner so that it doesn’t seem to dry or uninteresting.

    What is a methodology?

    Research methodology is basically a framework presented in context form. It includes why and how the research has been conducted by the researches. Furthermore, a methodology is generated on the basis of experience, beliefs, and values that the researcher envounters while conducting the research.

    What is a thesis question?

    A thesis question or statement are the same thing. It is the main point of any research or study. It basically creates a base of the research. Before writing a thesis question, the researcher must conduct the primary research. A good thesis statement can attract the reader too. It is the basic step of a thesis.

    Can I fail in my thesis?

    The answer is yes! Even though it is very rare that students end up getting an F grade in their thesis, but it does happen. To avoid this type of situation, it is better to get the best thesis writing help from professionals.

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      Where Do Students Usually Start Feeling The Need for Thesis Help?

      Writing a thesis is no mere task, and every student needs thesis help owing to a number of factors.

      While the level of the thesis is demanded to be brilliant in nature, it has been surfacing that a lot of students are not being guided by their teachers or supervisors properly or giving them thesis help, often beginning with the topic selection process. Since writing a thesis is something which means that the students need to make use of their writing skills as well, the task becomes quite difficult if the student does not have proficient writing skills. Students are more than often, not given the guidelines which cause the students to become confused in the starting phases only. Even if they manage to select the topic on their own, they can find troubles in finding adequate research material for crafting a critical literature review, or for filling the research gaps that they had identified in their introductory chapter. Performing in-depth research calls for students to apply quantitative and qualitative methods both, but some students are known to be relying on one method which does not help in gathering up sufficient research for their research. If the research is not done within due time, the student is not able to submit their thesis as per the provided timeframe. This is in the end acts as an obstacle towards receiving their degree overall. It becomes inevitable that a student would need thesis help to make it through.

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      The Dissertation Help is one of the best and an acclaimed cheap dissertation writing service which is facilitating students with the top level thesis help services that they deserve. We managed to climb the stairs of progress because we are always available at the disposal of students and we seek to maximize their comfort rather than earning some extra money. Students can put themselves at ease by going through some of the testimonials that we have listed, and by even chatting with one of our Live Chat agents and resolving their queries away!

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      Owing to the factors discussed above, students may eventually resort to seeking thesis help online so that they can get done with their thesis once and for all. However, more problems may await them when they decide to do so.

      While there are a multitude of services available on the World Wide Web offering thesis help online, it is hard to determine if they are legit or authentic because they are quite conniving and can easily lure in students to avail their services. Even if the service is legit, it cannot be determined if the work they will deliver will be up to the mark or not, which can cause the student to lose their hard earned money. They may eventually charge students exorbitant rates and deliver them low quality work. Many services do not even facilitate students with free revisions, and even charge students for having their thesis revised, further putting students even more financial burden. Other than that, students may be putting themselves at the risk of having their information leaked, which means that their universities might find out that they decided to buy thesis from an online source.

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