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Structural Engineering Dissertation Topics


Nowadays, the world has reached the peak of modernization. How was that achieved? Through civil engineering. From simple road structures to skyscrapers, the human brain has made everything possible. But what makes them reliable? Or any structure reliable? A good strong skeleton! And how are they constructed? Every concrete bone and muscle is put together with precision by structural engineers.

Are you enrolled in a structural engineering program?  Are you striving to become one of the masterminds behind famously known buildings such as Burj Khalifa?

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The goal is to remember how you’ll be getting your hands dirty in the field of structural engineering. Don’t worry you won’t be actually dirtying your hands. As a structural engineer, you will be responsible for designing and analyzing various structures.

Now imagine how much fun it would be to witness your imagination coming alive! But the job of a structural engineer is more than that. The safety and strength of a structure also fall under the job responsibility of a structural engineer. By calculating the effect of wind, snow, rain, and other environmental factors, they make sure that the structure can withstand every hurdle nature throws at it.

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What Are Some Good Structural Engineering Dissertation Topics?


Structural engineering is recognised as the backbone and heart of all structures either small or large structure. In all these stages related to the design, construction and implementation there is a great role of structural engineers where they support to guarantee that the structure can be erected with stability and durability. Thus, the design involves creative endeavours along with critical evaluation.

Within the context and brief of the built environment, the structure denotes anything that is built, designed or constructed from the various interlinked parts with the appropriate location on the ground. Structural engineering is a speciality within the area of civil engineering having an emphasis on the framework of the structures and on manipulating those designed and structures to withstand the pressures and stresses of their environment that remain stable, secure and safe throughout their use.

Topics 1: Role of Structural Engineering in Design Construction Integration: A case of Construction Projects of UK

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research is to provide the role of structural engineering in the design of construction engineering projects that are processed in consideration to the construction projects of the UK.
To accomplish this aim the objectives are given as under:

Topic 2: Effect of Structural Engineering on the Performance Based Engineering used in the Civil Engineering Projects

Aims and Objectives

This study aimed to examine the effect of structural engineering on the performance-based engineering used in civil engineering projects. Here, the major focus is on the implementation of performance based engineering used in the construction projects following the effect of structural engineering.
The related objectives are given as under:

Topic 3: Critical Examination of Challenges and Opportunities for structural engineering in the design of construction projects

Aims and Objectives

This study aimed to critically examine the challenges and opportunities for structural engineering in the design of construction projects. Construction engineering entails a huge investment therefore the initial steps like the structure and designing is most important therefore the identification of challenges and opportunities are most important before the final integration.
To accomplish the aim the objectives are proposed as under:

Topic 4: Critical Assessment about the Background Information and Applications of Deep Learning Related to the Structural Engineering

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research is to provide a critical assessment of the background information and applications of deep learning concerning structural engineering.
In relation to the process of this aim the objectives are given as under:

Topic 5: Effect of Similitude Technique for the Structural Engineering: A case of Construction Industry

Aims and Objectives of the study

This research aimed to recognise the effect of similitude technique for the structural engineering that is undertaken in consideration to the case of the construction industry. This technique supports to offer the situations to design the scaled model used in the construction projects followed by the usage of structural engineering.

The objectives related to this study are given as under:

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Topic 6: The Role of Technological Development on the Applications of Structural Engineering

Aims and Objectives

This research aimed to identify the role of technological development on the applications of structural engineering where the technological aspects are recognised that have an impact on structural engineering.
The objectives to fulfil this aim are designed which are given as under:

Topic 7: A critical examination of substituting the river sand by left-over foundry sand in paver blocks as a useful technique for reduction of soil erosion.

Aims and Objectives

The study aims to conduct an in-depth analysis on the substitution of river sand by the foundry sand waste in the paver block and aims to prove it as a resourceful method for reduction of soil erosion.
The following are the objective of the study.

Topic 8: A systematic analysis of the role that structural engineers play in furthering medical technologies and procedures.

Aims and Objectives

The researched aim of the study is to conduct a systematic analysis about the role executed by a structural engineer in progressing the medical procedures and technologies.
The following objectives are created to achieve this aim:

Topic 9: An innovative investigation on how the structural engineering discipline has transformed in the recent computer era. Can precise solutions be provided by recent software and hardware?

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the study is to conduct an innovative research regarding the variations that have taken place in structural engineering over time and in what way recent hardware and software will be able to provide accurate solutions. Moreover, the research aims to discuss the modifications that have taken place in the domain of structural engineering processes due to computer.

The primary objectives of the study are to achieve the aim of the study which is as follows:

Topic 10: An insight investigation in order to improve the structural efficiency of steel trusses for constructing stronger skyscrapers. A case study of buildings in Dubai.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the study is to analyse factors for enhancing the steel trusses structural efficacy inorder to make durable and long-lasting skyscrapers.The study aims to conduct a case concerning the skyscrapers of Dubai.
To achieve the aim of the study, following are the objectives:

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