How to Prepare for Dissertation Defense?

How to Prepare for Dissertation Defense?

I have had a hard time excelling at my dissertation defense. After numerous failed attempts and seeking online dissertation help, I vowed myself to improve my dissertation defense. Since, it only made things harder for I was absolutely lost about what I was blabbering about. Thankfully, my efforts didn’t go in vain. Now I feel obliged to help out my juniors and anyone else struggling with writing dissertations without paying dissertation writers UK.

1. Effectively Manage Your Time

I remember my time management skills weren’t the most perfect and it did cost me my grades. But for my dissertation I swore to take up the task seriously and start working on my micro goals since day one. You may feel a wave of relief wash over you once you submit your final thesis paper, and for some students, relief comes with the submission of the dissertation proposal too. And although, these are huge accomplishments in the dreaded process of dissertation writing, but the dissertation defense is yet to come.

Do not slack off! You can take a day off and celebrate with your friends, but as soon as you’re done partying, start preparing your slides. Make sure that you also have a set of ideas that you would like to talk about. Moreover, your slides should match your talk. All this is time consuming process that requires attention to detail.

Hence, do not under any circumstances get lazy about your dissertation defense, like most students and me. You can celebrate with all your heart after the dissertation defense is over.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have all your slides ready and your talk prepared, practice like there is no tomorrow! My only motivation when I practiced endlessly for my dissertation defense was the image of me one the stage. It still gives me goosebumps; for the fear of stammering there, blanking out or sounding too squeamish would make me jump out of bed and practice endlessly. You don’t not have to burn yourself out over it, follow these few tips of practicing your dissertation defense without feeling too overwhelmed:

• fix hours for practicing. I usually liked investing the early hours of my morning for this. It helps you recall things better as well.

• stand in front of the mirror while you’re practicing. It helps you analyze yourself.

• deliver your dissertation defense around your friends. They will not only give you constructive feedback about the areas that may be weaker, but they’ll help you increase your self-confidence as well.

• do not do everything in a robotic fashion. I can understand that repeating the same sentences daily may end up making your speech sound a little robotic. But bring some persona and sentiments into your talk, this will keep your audience interested in what you have to say.

This is a key process in dissertation defense preparation and you certainly cannot skip it.

3. Have Your Listener Ask You Questions

One of the processing of answering questions is delivering them in a comprehensive manner. And that has always intimidated me for it takes me time to gather all the information in my head, without taking too much time. Hence, asking your listeners to answer questions – whether they are your teachers or fellow batch mates can improve your reflexes of tackling difficult questions. You can also get help by listening to other dissertation defense s and think of questions that you might ask these speakers. This way you can be well aware of the type of questions you will be required to answer as well as the areas of your dissertation that might be weaker.

4. Be Confident

This part can be tricky if you are naturally prone to anxiety. Managing your emotions is crucial so that you can be more mindful and in control of the task at hand. The pressure will be there, undoubtedly, but hold on to a mantra and practice until you’re perfect so that you do not lose confidence on the last day. Wearing comfortable, yet professional clothes. Getting an eight hours long sleep and eating a healthy breakfast can also help control the nerves. Remember that this is your big day and you have worked hard to prepare for it, do not blow it by overthink things too much or freaking out about everything. Be mindful and be confident!

5. Make Sure You’re Following the Proper Format

Your committee might have already highlighted the format that you are supposed to apply to your dissertation defense. Before I  write my dissertation, I take out time to thoroughly go through this format so that I do not waste time towards the end trying to edit my dissertation as well as the dissertation defense. As I already pointed out earlier, perfect dissertation writing and defense preparation requires excellent time management. Hence, save yourself the ordeal and get to work from day one.

6. Know Your Stuff

I am aware that most students tend to resort online dissertation help. And I am no one to judge, but if your circumstances have allowed you to take that first step, then you must invest in the next step to pass your dissertation defense. In any case, you must know everything about your dissertation at least, if not additional knowledge. The ideas, arguments, methodology and practical solutions that you offer in your dissertation must be drilled into your memory. Since you will not only be presenting those but there is a huge probability that most of the questions will cover these areas.

On the other hand, you may have to tackle harder questions that could be fairly off topic, but do not worry so much about those. I have seen students get confused and read several resource materials for their dissertation defense. But frankly you do not have the time to waste on prompting for a question that may not even be answered. Moreover, too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing. You might end up speaking too much and the committee would go after you to explain a new concept that might have slipped from your tongue, which wasn’t included in your dissertation. That is why it is crucial to stick to the research you have done earlier and work on perfecting it – that should be enough!

Dissertation defense can be daunting, but trust me, you can easily wing it. Work on your knowledge and building your self-confidence. Once you have control over these two areas, you will actually end up enjoying the big day. Moreover, you will love the sense victory and gratification once you complete your dissertation defense! Good luck.

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