How to Write a Thesis Statement with Examples


If defined simply, the thesis statement is a phrase, generally at the end of the introductory segment of the paper, affirming the main idea or major goals of the paper (Peterlin, 2008). Thesis statement is one of the foremost things that you readers will read. Your thesis statement might be the hardest to write, but it is one of the most important parts of your entire thesis. If you want your thesis statement to be strong, it should clearly and precisely state the primary idea you want to get across.

However, everything that will come along in your thesis afterward will reflect this statement. Nevertheless, it was just the introduction to what we will reflect on in this article. What is a thesis statement? What is the best way to write a strong and effective thesis statement with its examples and the main components of an excellent thesis statement?

What Is A Thesis Statement?

The simplest way to define thesis statement is, it is just a few precise sentences that reflect the main idea of your entire paper. And answers all the questions that are present in your paper. The primary goal of a thesis statement is to provide readers with a quick and easy-to-follow road map that they will be following to connect the points of your thesis. It is the summary of your paper about what you will discuss with them.

Furthermore, another purpose of the thesis statement is to state the problem. The statement of a problem is a report of existing problem/ issue which needs proper actions to recover the condition (dissertationwritinghelp, 2021).

For instance, when you are writing your paper, you will want to look at the other article on the relevant topic to take the idea of thesis statement structure or to take pieces of evidence that will be backing your paper.

Why Is A Thesis Statement Important?

Two main reasons help you understand how important the thesis statement for essay is.

1st Reason: the writer first constructs a thesis to focus on an essay’s primary concept. To produce a clear idea for the paper, the writer must be able to inscribe the key topic in a few phrases. The thesis directs not only the reader but also the writer. The thesis statement serves as a roadmap for the writer to follow to keep their paper organized.

2nd Reason: A well-crafted thesis statement structure helps the reader comprehend the essay’s major point. The thesis statement equips the reader with what is to come in the essay’s body. The thesis statement usually holds a position at the end of the introductory paragraph. It is followed by the main body paragraph, which contains evidence and ideas to support the thesis. The thesis statement is significant since it informs the reader about what they will be reading next.

Any writer needs to understand the importance of a thesis statement because a good thesis statement possesses a strong place in any essay or paper. To keep it simple, the thesis statement should support three basic questions:

One needs to be mindful of the above points when writing a thesis statement because your whole paper will be circulating the thesis statement.

Examples Of Thesis Statement

Here are some thesis statement examples which will help you distinguish between a strong and a weak one.

First Example:

Bad: Everyone should exercise.
– Why should I? What’s in it for me?
Good: young people should add exercise to their daily morning routine because it keeps their bodies at a muscle active, helps maintain weight, and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

– Here, solid and logical reasons support your statements, i.e., young people (not everyone), the morning routine (not the evening), weight upkeep, and high blood pressure deterrence. Your research becomes easier when you have very specific objectives.

Second Example:

Bad: Excessive alcohol drinking is harmful to your health. – This is far too general. What are the specific negative consequences of alcohol intake that you’d like to talk about?
Good: Excessive alcohol intake has negative health consequences, including weight gain, heart disease, and liver issues.

– You’ll notice that we were extremely precise in our reasons for doing so. You don’t have to express every disadvantage you’re going to layout in your thesis statement (in fact, you shouldn’t because it risks becoming a run-on sentence), but you can highlight the primary areas you’ll look at.

Third Example:

Bad: Reading can help a child’s analytical thinking develop.
– Words like “can” are insufficient. How does this thesis statement elicit a response? Make sure you can convincingly argue every claim you make if you plan to write numerous paragraphs (or pages) about a topic.

Good: Reading is beneficial to a child’s mental development since it fosters cognitive abilities, expands vocabulary, and introduces them to other worlds they might not otherwise discover.

We haven’t just claimed that reading is beneficial; we have presented a sample of all the advantages we will discuss in our work.

These examples should explain why one should not just make a statement without any supportive benefits or clauses—providing the benefits and key points to any who, what, and why helps keep your information specific.

What Makes A Good Thesis Statement?

The best thesis statements are compact, combative, and consistent.


One should define thesis statement as concise and to the point; don’t use more words than are essential. In one or two lines, state your idea simply and directly.


Your thesis should not be a undeveloped factual statement that everyone is aware of. A good thesis statement is supported by additional evidence or research.

Your thesis statement, especially in an argumentative essay, should be something that others (or at least some) might question or disagree with.


Your thesis statement may touch on various areas of your subject, but they should all come together to form a whole unified meaning of thesis statement that expresses one core point.

The rest of your paper must support and explain everything specified in your thesis statement.

How To Write A Thesis Statement For Argumentative And Expository Essays With Examples

Some of the most prevalent academic papers are expository and argumentative essays. They rely on their thesis statements to summarize what’s presented because they don’t have a formal abstract like research papers.

Whether you create your thesis statement or opt for a bachelor’s or master thesis writing service, the thesis statements for argumentative and expository essays should be powerful and decisive; they should not be unclear or wishy-washy. In the introduction, you should take a stand right away so that your readers understand what your work is seeking to illustrate.

Expository Thesis Statement    

An Expository thesis statement is an essay that exposes a topic to the reader. It provides the reader with the necessary descriptions, details, and explanations on that particular topic. The expository thesis statement should explain to the reader what they will learn in your essay.

Some examples of Expository Thesis statements are:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) upsurges the risk of stroke and arterial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat).
  • 12% of people have a tendency to to dream in black and white. What’s stranger is that human beings used to dream in black and white even more before color tv.
  • Human actions, particularly greenhouse gas emissions, are considered the dominant cause of temperature increment.

Expository statements define existing facts about a particular topic and explain it further, leaving a space for reader to contribute with information and details. Here you will not need to make an argument or provide any evidence support. The only thing you need to do is understand the topic and present it logically.

Argumentative Thesis Statement

If you need to make a statement defending one side of any controversial issue, you will need to write an argumentative essay. Your thesis statement should communicate your point of view and may provide a preview or suggestion of your proof to the reader.

Some examples of an argumentative thesis statement are:

  • The benefits somehow outweigh the downsides of internet usage it provides for education.
  • The lack of time due to employment needs makes students opt for bachelor thesis writing service, which drags it out of the context of illegality.
  • Rehabilitation programs for people serving life sentences should be subsidized because these programs reduce roughness within prisons.

These are the examples argumentative thesis statement examples because one can support them with case studies or evidence. You can build your thesis around the format of the points above if you’re writing an argument essay.

Components Of Writing A Thesis Statement


A thesis statement for essay must focus on a single aspect of an issue. Choose a broad topic and then narrow it down until you find a single component to focus on.


You should be certain about your position. To encourage your readers to embrace your reasoning and open their minds to what you have to say, you should adopt an authoritative tone.


You must be able to back up any statement you make in your thesis with evidence and arguments.


A thesis statement must be detailed enough to allow for a logical argument and keep the reader’s attention on the topic.


The thesis statement is the phrase that sheds light on the problem you will discuss in your paper. It should be compact, combative, and consistent, which should join the links with your whole piece and provides the reader with a map to follow your essay.

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