How to Write Acknowledgements for PhD Thesis and Dissertation?

May it be a thesis or dissertation, completing your PhD degree is challenging. However, it is difficult apart from other coursework is thesis or dissertation.

Drafting them takes a lot of time, especially if you are writing a PhD dissertation or an acknowledgement for masters dissertation. This is because the length of a PhD thesis is more than the thesis of any degree. It usually consists of sixty thousand to eighty thousand.

This word limit involves endnotes and footnotes but leaves appendices and a bibliography/reference list. Figures, images, tables, etc. equivalent to one-fifty words for each page, or portion of the page, that they occupied.

It is not just the extensive length of the PhD dissertation but also its complexity. Therefore, you can not complete it without the help of others. May that be in terms of funding your research or academic help, you need supporters.

Once you attain their help, you need to acknowledge their effort. For this purpose, you are asked to write the acknowledgement chapter of the thesis or dissertation.

This post will learn the purpose of acknowledgements and their types. You will also learn how to write a PhD dissertation acknowledgement and dissertation acknowledgements examples. So keep on reading.

What Is The Purpose Of Dissertation Acknowledgements?

The acknowledgements in dissertation writing are the section where you thank all the instuitions and people. You may also thank the companies who helped you complete the dissertation successfully. It is quite alike dedication, except that there is some level of formality when writing an acknowledgement chapter.

There is no need to mention every individual who aided you with the research. However, you have to mention those who played a crucial role in helping you with the research. You should also thank the subjects of your research. For example, you do not need to thank your pet for not distracting you when working.


The Acknowledgements in dissertation are noted down right after the title page and before the abstract. Remember that it should not extend more than one page.

Writing Style

When writing acknowledgements, feel free to utilize a more creative style. You can also get a bit more informal than what is usually practised in academic writing. If you like, then taking help from someone working in PhD dissertation help UK is also a good option.

The Acknowledgements chapter is not a part of academic work itself. Therefore you may take it as a chance to write something more personal. For this, you have to use first-person pronouns in the section.

Types of Acknowledgements

Are you wondering what some types of PhD dissertation acknowledgements are? In general, acknowledgements can be divided into professional and personal classes.

Few universities only permit students to acknowledge those who have contributed directly to the research, for example, professionals or other members of academia. You have to check the university’s guidelines to find out.

First of all, should start acknowledging professionals. There is no definite saying regarding the order of acknowledgements. Although, the standard practice is to move from the most formal supporters to the minimum ones.

You can craft it and only write “Thank you” for some acknowledgements. At other times you can outline how exactly a specific person helped you.

Professional Acknowledgements

Always remember not to miss out on anybody that helped you. Be especially vigilant about those who come under the professional kind.

You should mention the members of academia and funders who have participated in your research. This includes:

You should remember to write the full name of contributors with titles. If some crowd or organization members assisted you, then mention their collective name only. If you want to protect someone’s privacy, you can use their first name. You can also use generic identifiers, for instance, the interviewee.

If you have discussed your research with an authoritative person in your field, mention their contribution. You also have to mention their name if you have gotten any feedback from them. It is not correlational to the amount of help you get. This is because, thanks to the authoritative contributors, your research has become more valid.

Personal Acknowledgements

Remember this when you are writing personal acknowledgements – you do not have to mention every member of your family or friend group. However, you may come across someone that has been particularly supportive or inspiring to you. When you are in such a situation, acknowledge them specifically.

In some cases, the personal acknowledgement can get very meaningful. For example, you can witness it in dissertations where the research occurred under challenging conditions. In addition, some students feel like dedicating their research to a deceased family member. If so is the case, you should mention them before professional acknowledgements.

If you are a religious person, you may feel like writing the best dissertation would not have been possible if God’s help. In this scenario, you can also acknowledge God in the acknowledgements section. First, however, remember following the conventions thanking academic members, family, and friends who have assisted you.

Remember that undergraduate dissertation acknowledgements and all other dissertations acknowledgements are written similarly.

How To Write PhD Dissertation And Thesis Acknowledgements?

There is no difference between PhD dissertation acknowledgements and thesis acknowledgements.

Now you may wonder, “How shall I write my PhD thesis acknowledgments?” The answer to this question is:

Know Your University’s Requirement:

Before initiating your PhD thesis acknowledgement chapter, you must get familiar with the university’s guidelines. Check if your university has any requirements or limitations regarding its length. In addition, check for its requirements for the thesis or dissertation content.

Some universities limit the types of things that you can say. Although mostly, there are only a few limitations regarding it. Other universities have their word limits. Therefore, they may not follow typically practised requirements. If you are a bachelor’s student and this is entirely new for you, consider taking the help. You can avail of academic help from some bachelor thesis writing service or your professor.

Universities know that it takes many people to organize and participate in the research. So they give you ample opportunity to recognize them through the PhD thesis acknowledgement chapter.

Know Whom to Thank

Competing for a dissertation or a thesis is a celebration in itself. So go ahead and tell those who have helped that you appreciate the – professional and personal.

Thesis and Dissertation Acknowledgement Examples

Are you still confused regarding how to write your acknowledgement for masters dissertation? Do not worry; here are a few acknowledgement examples you can look at:

  1. I want to thank my professor, Lara Benedict, for inspiring me to change human behaviour and cognition.
  2. I would fancy acknowledging my superintendent, Robert Johnathan’s support and effort in guiding me through each stage of the process.
  3. My research companion, Dr Susie Dsouza, proved to be very cooperative in defining the direction of this research. For this, I am incredibly thankful to her.
  4. Thank you to my elder sister for supporting me mentally, ensuring that I always ate correctly and worked hard. I could not have managed it without her motivation.
  5. This project would have been impossible without the support of multiple people. Many thanks to my adviser, Laurence D. Brown, who read my plentiful revisions and helped make sense of the confusion. Also, I am thankful to my committee members, Janet Green, G.T. Tarrance, and Jade Barerra, who guided and supported me.

If you can not think of how to start your sentence, an example of acknowledgement in dissertation could be “I would like to thank….” Explain how much a group of each has contributed to your thesis.

Remember to not dive in deep and give too much appreciation to a particular outside party helper. You can not go out of the way to display who you are the most grateful to. Although it is essential to acknowledge, it is unprofessional for you to fixate on one specific contributor. It also minimizes the probability of these supporters ever aiding you in the future.

Writing any conclusion or summary at the end of the text is not required. Instead, proceed to end your acknowledgements by saying thank you.

End Remarks

This is all you need to know for crafting a PhD thesis and dissertation acknowledgements. The dissertation acknowledgements examples given are not specifically tailored to a PhD level. Therefore, you can refer to these examples for any degree.

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