Me and my Dissertation! – A nightmare for every Master’s Student!

Me and my Dissertation! – A nightmare for every Master’s Student!

Wait what? What topic have you just read? A topic so closed to your heart. Oh yeah, I know the feeling! I know the struggles; you have gone through while writing your dissertation. Everyone goes through different problems but mine were some of the funniest experiences I had!

A bumpy ride;

The time when I had no entertainment, no friends means no life at all! My mom was being anxious that what has happened to my daughter! But huh it was worth it in the end. Am I mumbling too much? Oh yeah! It’s still so threatening to remember those nights! Why nights what about day? Well I really dint keep a track of my days and nights!

Welcome to the horror (Dissertation course)

Back then I really, really had no idea what ACTUALLY is dissertation. I have seen my friends crying over their dissertation but I was the most happy-go-lucky person during my entire Master’s but paid off in the end. Well the story begun when I got enrolled in dissertation course. I was pretty overwhelmed at that time because I thought now this is the last step of my master’s but NO! I was so wrong it proved to be a big dinosaur in my way!  I wasn’t sure if I am going to have any Dissertation help for my dissertation or not!

Was I ignorant? Yessssssssssssss………………

The class started and my instructor entered the room!  OH MY GOD SIR JAFAR! He was the toughest instructor one can ever meet on this planet. That made me numb actually! How am I going to get through this course when Sir Jafar is the one who will approve it? I have seen people coming out of his room crying!!! My friend dissertation on cheapest dissertation writing service went on trash because he didn’t have strong literature on that topic.

Lady! Do you have a topic?

Urgh! I still remember Sir Jafar’s expressions when he asked me that question. I was so horrified of that direct conversation that without knowing I nodded! And then I heard him saying: Great! One lady! With a topic in this whole class! What about all of you? You should have come up with complete proposal. Didn’t you all know it is going to be your dissertation course?

Everyone looked to my with killing expressions (that’s what was I told by my classmates later) because at that moment, I was searching for a valid topic to give to my instructor and then my eyes got lock on my text book write my dissertation help UK and suddenly I got a topic but it was so difficult to get approved in one moment.

And then tornedo was back to me! I meant my instructor asked me: “Alright lady! What is your topic?” And with no confidence at all I heard my voice; “Buy Dissertation!” for a moment there was pin drop silence and then I heard him saying: “Great one of my favorite topic in research is dissertation! You knew me so well. I am glad that you have done your homework about your audience!” at that point I didn’t know I had to regret that moment for my whole life because it became my life biggest nightmare!

Confusion! Confusion! And lots of confusion!

I came out of my class with so much proud that I was the first student who got her topic approved but it was my biggest mistake that I have ever done! because the topic was SO MUCH DIFICULT! Well first of all I searched Google and found a fabulous topic How to Write Your Best Dissertation

I got to know great information about dissertation then I read a book for in-text referencing and referencing Dissertation help UK which also proved to be great resource for dissertation. But still I was confused about so many things.

Was I insane?

I was so proud I had completed 500 words of my literature review. Sir is surly going to appreciate! That was my thought when I emailed him my literature review and before I can turn off my laptop I got his call. Lady come and meet me tomorrow at 3:00 P.M. and the whole class was there waiting for their turn next day. I was assured He has liked my work! But all in vain when I heard him shouting 1000 word in literature review? Are you nuts? Haven’t you gone through my guidelines? Should I baby feed you everything? And then I did my Olympics championship running from his office to back to my home and wrote him that it  wasn’t in town at all due to some emergency.

And I was drowning in words!

I went through so many text books like cheap dissertation writing services and read so many blogs on cheap dissertation writing service in UK about HOW TO WRITE 5000 word in literature only. It was so hard I felt like drowning in pool of words with so many sentences tangled around me! Anyways it took me 3 MONTHS TO GET IT APPROVED BY MY INSTRUCTOR! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!

The countdown began!

And then the countdown began of the dissertation submission. I had only one month to do the remaining work I threw myself in search books like cheap dissertation writing service and so many other website but wait!

It’s another interesting story of how I completed my work in one month when my literature took whole 3 months. Want to know the whole story just wait for my next blog. Now I have to get back to my Ph.D. dissertation. Bubye!

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