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Writing a dissertation can be a long and boring task! Imagine being in the final semester of your bachelors and having to deal with all its stress. What could be more frustrating is to have to go through paper after paper of dry text and then ending up knowing that you came up with a wrong literature review for your paper. Life would be no less than hell for you at that time. You might even consider giving up on your grades but you still would have an option.

S.O.S! The Dissertation is approaching!

Those who are currently in the process of writing their dissertation will know that having the dissertation help is a blessing during their time of need. Researchers are constantly searching for services ranging from the selection of your problem statement for your research to deciding upon the methodology to carry out your research successfully.
Having an expert, who could help you and is well rehearsed in writing dissertations from across numerous fields, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Psychology
  • Supply chain
  • Sociology, etc.

An Endless Ocean of et als

Literature review of any dissertation is what heart is to humans. It not only gives you an insight of what the past researchers were able to find but also they provide you with the set of independent variables that are needed to be considered in order to write and publish an effective research paper.
You, especially if you’re enrolled in your bachelors, may find it particularly hard to identify and select papers which are appropriate towards your needs, while at the same time be credible to be used for your literature review.

Ready?! Set?! Cite!

A literature review, if written well could be a great starting point to work upon your dissertation. It is through constant reading about your topic that you began to get the gist of it and gain an insight of the different factors that are prevailing in that domain.

A literature review if written right could provide you with a list of variables that are independent in nature; by letting you know of the factors which influence your dependent variable which you intend to investigate about. This not only gives you a direction and pave the way for your future research but also helps you constructing a graphical depiction in the form of a conceptual framework.

Light of the Review, Into the Unknown

A good literature review also assures that fact that the problem which you have identified in novel in nature and has not been worked upon by any previous researcher. Hence, its importance due to this doubles and you might want to consider availing a good research services in order to have a professional edge on your side, before you start. A mistake at the very start could end up being a mistake that could change the whole outcome of the research. If you’re browsing for dissertation help UK based, chances are that you’ve already come crossed a lot people having queries with heir literature reviews.

Paving the Way from the Past

Other than that, a literature review highlights the outcome of previous researchers which could form the basis of your research or could compliment yours if it is novel in nature, yet in the same topic domain.

Failing to identify and interpreting the findings of previous research would mean the failure to form a firm base of your research. If this remains the case, you might not be able to have a clear direction of the methodology that should be applied, in your dissertation; giving you all the more reason for hiring some professional experts.

Components? What Components?

Often times students don’t understand the different nature of the three components and go on mixing them up there are three main components of a literature review:

Introduction. An introduction should be able to establish the subject matter, give an overview of previous work along with a historical context. However, students and even you may have trouble establishing the subject matter and focus too much on its historical context. But it can be resolved by having expertise of writing a balanced introduction which you may hire for your papers sake. For example,

Body: of the literature review, things aren’t that much different. Students here are able to divide and highlight all the different researches of the past but fail to take a side that best suits their research.

Conclusion: you might face difficulty with regards to highlighting and summarizing significant evidence to justify your research gap. All these factors are mastered by extensive experience in writing a dissertation, which needs more supervision than you, might think.

Not. My. Type.

Moreover, you might be vague on the different types of literature reviews that are best suited for different types of research. Below are the types of reviews that you may have to select from:

Argumentative Literature Review: this type of review should be established when there are two or more opinions from different school of thoughts about a certain issue.

Integrative Literature Review: Is cohesive in nature where you take all the findings of previous researchers and develop your own understanding by adding modern critiques to the mix to develop a new framework.

Historical Literature Review: these types of reviews take the reader down the chronological lane and helps identify the problems root cause, along with its evolvement over time.
Methodological Literature Review: it takes into account the findings of a researcher and how he came about it.

Systematic Literature Review: these types of reviews follow a fix method of identifying previous papers in order to learn from their findings.

Theoretical Literature Review: it takes into account the pre-existing theories, the inter-link that exists between them and to what extent have they been tested in practical world.

As one can see, all these types are appropriate in different circumstances according to type of research. However, it is there that you might fail to grasp their true nature and may end up choosing an inappropriate one which would ultimately effect in your selection of your methodology; unless you’ve someone to guide you through.

American Psycho… What?!

American Psycho… What?!

Another factor that students like you might lack is the knowledge of all the standards are to be met, in order for your paper to be considered as great one. An American Psychological Association (APA) criterion is one of many types to write your academic or industrial based research paper on. You might be aware about them and could to meet these criteria.

However, the chances of human error are always prevalent and having a professional aid looking over your citations and referencing is always helpful. If you want to get an overview of the entire dissertation structure, check out this blog.

Stress All ‘Over’ Board

You might have to face immense mental pressure while writing a dissertation. Though it may not be uncommon but it could lead to more anxiety. Being a student, you would have a lot on your plate to deal with and could not afford to make mistakes that take away your precious time.

It is due to these reasons that we aim at providing the necessary guidance backed by experienced individuals. Based on their vast experience and having being worked on topics ranging from across different fields, you can rest assure that they’ll be there to guide you through your thick and think; from the selection of your topic, to the end in-text citation in your literature review.

Not Too Narrow, Not too Broad

Many times, a literature review becomes too concentrated around the old findings. What’s worse than that is the fact that you might not be able to know about it till it is finally pointed out by one of your dissertation inspector. Professional dissertation support can assist you in blending in new findings with old interpretations and give your paper a more precise result according to our dynamic world of today.

Getting What You Want

Getting the adequate assistance in evaluating the topic in your literature review and guidance about presenting the information in a manner which lets the reader identify the developments that have and are going to be taking place in the future with regards to the topic that you have selected is necessary. Moreover, some help can lead you to identify the gaps that may be present in the literature review that you’ve written.
This will not make the reader of your paper more attentive towards it but would also make your paper stand out from the rest written about the same problem. Even students studying English literature, with proficient analytical and writing skills, may face issues when tasked with writing an English literature dissertation.

Be in Your Context!

A literature review if not put in the proper context could lead to it being vague. You being a student might make this mistake of being derailed from your problem statement and wander off to other topics such the concerns highlighted in this article.

This could have serious consequences for your dissertation as it could lead to it being too broad and not specific in nature. It is due to these reasons; a dissertation service provider can assure that things are on track.

Way to Go!

Another important factor of a good literature review is that it should address new ways of interpreting previous findings. This is of the utmost important as those factors which might have influenced your topic a few decades back would not influence it the same way today.

Availing research services could help you overcome this mistake; professional expertise pertaining to linking old findings to recent analysis.

Derailed to Death

At times it may take your long hours to finally come up with a satisfactory literature review. However, it is due to this fact that you might have lost track of all the theories that you had put in it and overlooked two or more theories that might be contradicting one another.

This may be overlooked in the initial stage but would create a problem when you finally decide to identify the dependent variables of your problem statement. As two variables, depicting two contradictory views can raise some serious concerns about the credibility of your research.

Having Your Back

Assurance that you would be having someone backing you up if you fail to meet your deadlines is another benefit that you will have if you decide to be some academic writer’s client; as unfortunate and unforeseen incidents could happen at any point in time.
These incidents range from normal sickness to the loss of a close one and could lead to you being unable to work for day’s even weeks. Partnering with a professional at this to work alongside you would not only save you the hassle but would also give you some mental relief as you’ll be at ease knowing that we’ve got your back!

Redundancy Removes Knowledge Abundance

Moreover, we offer our clients the service of removing redundant and repetitive material from their literature reviews. As one concept, presented in numerous different paper in different ways could lead to it being repeated over and over again.
This does not only wastes the efforts of the writer but also shrinks the amount of information that you might be able to get out of your review. Some good dissertation help could assure that your literature review is not only in line with the standards but also that it is a good enough to provide sufficient information about the topic on its own.

Adding to the Mix

Adding to the Mix

Furthermore, we make sure that your literature review has the essential quality of identifying and locating the need for addition research. If this quality is not present in it, then you might not be able to justify the need for further research, as it would mean that no gap actually exits to conduct your research on.

You Sure About It?

Now that you have an overview of all the complexities that are there in writing your thousands of words of dissertation, are you still willing to take the risk of writing one all on your own?

Surely you might have had a lot of painstaking experiences but having some professional aid is always useful. And that too at a prices which would be lesser than what you might have to pay if you burst a type on your towards writing your paper. Hence, you might want to reconsider.

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