10 Free dissertation topics for Management Studies

Many students get frustrated by writing heavy documented papers that need to be submitted for final degree program. Those papers are said to be dissertation writing papers. These papers involve research, structural format, and plagiarism free writing. But before that, you need to find out topics for the dissertation writing. The all students out there need help with dissertation can come read my blog and enhance your knowledge on what management topics would be suitable for research purpose.

The list shows the relatable management topics for successful dissertation.

How training is affecting employee’s performance?

The concept of training has changed the traditional methods of employees development improved. However, now things have changed, management has become smart too. The every week training sections helps employee’s performance level increase. As business started growing they expand their horizon in other services or product. For those employees, training and development make it easier to understand company’s goals and vision.   

The rise of AI impacting human resources to shift jobs or improvise it.

As the technology expands its roots to many other industries from business environment to educational sectors it has grown its space in HR. The rise of AI has changed the settings of working atmosphere. It’s not that what people are trying to perceive AI as something that has replaced the nature of HR department but not replaced completely. However, it does not totally take over your job. In this study you will take sample of 3 different firms that is using AI for recruitment and hiring which helped them reduced time for screening, scanning and selecting the right fit for the industries.

Intuitiveness approach for recruitment and hiring.

The hiring mangers use intuition for selecting and screening the right candidate for the right job. How this impact the decisions ad what if it impact in a negative way or positive. The dissertation helps to identify best results in improving the intuitive methods that affect the overall recruitment process.  The dissertation help the recruiters to show case their skills and find the best fit the team. They do not encourage them to use their intuition for every decision they take.

How CVIs are keeping an employee motivated?

 How the manger use this documentation for understanding customer, employees and customers. The CVIs is the decision handler, a tool to list down decisions and culture according to the organization. The CVI acts as a tool for motivating employees and they create values that can be the indicators of such elements. This study shows how it will impact them. 

Will artificial intelligence solve human resource problems in UK?

The AI technology has the potential to ease the human crises as well as replaced the problematic areas. This study aims to find how people perceive the AI skills to be best for their job or it will affect the overall performance. We will find samples from UK Market which shows how much percentage people think adopting the technology will help business.

How can efficient management help employees in retention ratio?

The management decisions and their policies make it possible for their employees to be motivated and stay long run. However, some managers do not take it seriously or observe the rate of retention. The research paper aims to study the good management decisions and roles how they tackle the employees and do they detect the retention ratio each year.  

Job satisfaction level does impact the performance for long run.

The study explains the importance of job satisfaction in which a synthesis view how the motivation helps employees perform well and even help organization in the long run. Employees who are satisfied with overall job and the policies or missions and objective will not leave the workplace. In this paper we will examine theories which believe to developed and retain employees for the long run prospective. Basically the main agenda is to find how the impact of working environment make job satisfying or challenging.

Criteria of Men working with female employers-how can the workplace overcome dominate male leadership.

In this study the female and male stereotyping is clearly defined. The managerial level positions have always been considered or related to the Men however this concept is changing. The women empowerment has made this gender biased concept to be flushed out of the organisation.  This aims to reconsider the organisational policies and hold on the decisions that refer the male norms behaviors or policies.

How cordial relationship within team members have an impact on the organizational culture? 

The study aims to research the relationship between employees and how these relationships impact not only the culture of the organization as well as overall coordination. The employee who has unhealthy relationship with other stuff members cannot maintain a professional attitude towards their coworkers and lack overall communication barrier among each other. The negative vibes can even damage the environment of organisation. 

Do biased HR decisions negatively impact the organizational culture? 

This study aims the decision authoritative individual over powering their position to act upon such crucial elements that can damage the employee’s reputation. If a Manger did not make a proper professional decision without being biased can also greatly impact the organisational culture. The research will aim at quantitative which will take view point of coworkers interviewing and filling out questionnaires to understand the how much influence this action takes on the whole organisation. 

Final point to keep in mind.

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