Top 10 dissertation Topics on Corona Virus Pandemic for Medical Students

“Why Mitochondria is called “the powerhouse of cell”? The impacts of its presence in the human body”

Here you go, make the greatest discovery for the betterment of society. This topic will help you shape the future of the…..

Wait a second…

Is this still 2020?

I thought my time machine worked and I am somewhere in the early 1850s before mitochondria was discovered in 1857…

My bad, I am still stuck in 2020, and Corona Virus is still hanging around. Anyway, while I was planning to go back in time and give some dissertation topics to students, I already had some dissertation topics on Corona Virus on my back-up in case the time travel didn’t work out.

So if you’re looking for covid-19 dissertation topics that can help you craft an eye-catching dissertation then worry no more! I have handpicked top dissertation topics that I am giving you for an amazing price of absolutely nothing!

So without any further ado, here’s the list of top dissertation topics on Corona Virus pandemic for medical students!

Dissertation Topics on Corona Virus Pandemic

Before we jump into the list of topics, I’d like to tell you something. You can use the following topics as they are or modify them the way you think you can do better research on them and if they will interest your professor.

So now that I have given my tips, here is the list, FINALLY!

What is the origin of the Corona Virus RNA?

It is a very interesting topic for the students studying microbiology as their major.

What is the effect of Corona Virus infections on humans and animals? Similarities and differences in their impact on both species?

This is a very interesting comparative topic that will help you evaluate the impact and effects of coronavirus infection on humans and animals.

What are the specific signs and symptoms of the Corona Virus?

Although, this is like a public service messages doing in-depth research can help you pin-point some signs and symptoms that can help discover a stable and effective cure.

Who is more vulnerable to the Corona Virus in both genders? Are they related to some age of males/females?

You can go through the statistics from around the world and analyze them to find out what gender and/or age group is most vulnerable to Corona Virus. Evaluate that and let

What measures help to prevent or slow the spread of the Corona Virus?

We all know that being precautious is always better than cure and Corona Virus has given us a hard time so far. You can conduct research to find out all the necessary precautions that can prevent the spread of the Corona Virus and/or slow down the spread as well.

What is the effective treatment of Corona Virus patients?

Although we’re out of luck for an actual cure, you can conduct research on all the possible cures and treatments and evaluate each of them based on the symptoms and signs.  Although, this can also include what kind of precautions and treatments a Corona Virus positive patient should get after testing positive.

What could be the vaccine for Corona Virus?

In this topic, you can conduct research on all possible medications than being used to cure the Corona Virus. You can either focus on one formula or a mixture of multiple medications that can help create a vaccine for the cure for the Corona Virus.

Which Diagnostic Test is effective and valid for a Corona Virus patient?

You can research different methods of testing and detecting Corona Virus in a human body and evaluate and rank them according to their effectiveness based on how long the detection takes and how it can help with the prevention and spread of Corona Virus.

COVID-19 mechanisms on cardio-vascular dysfunction: from membrane receptors to immune response

You have to inspect and evaluate the effect of the Corona Virus on the human heart and the dysfunctions caused by it in depth. Moreover take your argument further if the Corona Virus has any significant impacts on the human heart, if there are then what could be done to fight it.

Maternity care and Corona Virus: short and long term impacts around the world

You can analyze the statistics around the world that how maternal care and new-born and infants are being affected by the corona virus. Also discuss how maternal care has been affected by the spread of the Corona Virus.

Final Words

The following COVID-19 dissertation topics can help you craft an amazing dissertation that can help you make a fantastic dissertation that can make a huge impact in fighting and discovering a cure for Corona Virus. You can leave your mark on the history and help the humanity! The future is in your hands!

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